Shows I Loved…Then Stopped Watching

Once upon a time, there were shows I raved about nonstop. Chances are high you’ll find a post on the blog of me recommending it. And then one day, I am going through my DVR (I rarely watch shows live) and I skip an episode. An episode becomes 2, then 3 and at that point, […]

The Best Thing About #LoveIsland

Season 7 of Love Island UK ended yesterday and as expected there has been a lot of chatter. For one, the show had it’s first all-black couple in its final with fan favorites, Kaz and Tyler better known as Kyler. All season long, the show has been plagued with not so great commentary and has […]

What I’ve Watched Lately…

I have had this post on drafts for some time which is why some of the material might be dated. There is so much material out there that I can barely keep up. It’s almost like COVID didn’t happen and Hollywood is making up for lost time. Here are my thoughts on some things I […]

Some Housewives ChitChat #RHOBH #RHONY [Audio]

There has been so much going on in the Housewives world, I wanted to talk about some of the shenanigans. I probably forgot to mention all of the things in my head but I touched on the high points on all the franchises. What do you think about the direction the Housewives are headed?

Cancelled Network TV Shows 2021

The end of TV season is upon us and with that comes show cancellations. Here is a list, by network, of shows that have been cancelled: ABC American HousewifeCall Your MotherFor LifeMixed-ishRebel CBS All RiseMacGyverThe Unicorn CW (Not cancelled but its final season) Black Lightning Supergirl  FOX Filthy RichneXt Prodigal Son Last Man Standing (Final Season) NBC ConnectingWorld of […]

My Thoughts So Far On #Married2Med

There was a time when if you’d asked me the best shows on Bravo and without skipping a beat, I’d have said Vanderpump Rules and Married To Medicine. The last two seasons took a hit and lost some of the magic that made it so great. I didn’t expect us to get a new season […]

My Thoughts On The First Black #TheBachelor

I know, I know…everyone has talked about “the first black Bachelor” ad nauseum. But I am just getting over the After The Final Rose episode I just watched and I had many thoughts. Hear my thoughts here and let me know what you think:

Some Award Show Season Musings

It’s Award Season and as usual there are some things that had me going hmm… I can’t get over the Grammys not nominating the person with one of the biggest albums of 2020. How do you snub The Weeknd? Hate him or love him, it makes no sense. They keep losing black artists. Pretty soon […]

#Spotify Year End Wrapped Lists – Most Streamed Artists

Spotify’s year end lists are something we have come to look forward to in December in recent years. Besides the personalized ones that subscribers receive, they also publish general stats on everything on the platform and break it down. I find these interesting and figured I’d share the different categories in one place with you […]

What Happened to #BlackLoveDoc?

Indeed. What happened to #BlackLoveDoc? 4 seasons ago when Black Love premiered, I loved it. I loved the premise. I loved that it was a show showing black people in a positive light and it was executed very well and had me cheesing every episode. With celebs like Tamera Mowry, Meagan Good, Viola Davis, to […]

Racism & Reality Shows

We are in odd times. Everything is stressful around us. Racial tensions especially, are high. Black people are fighting to be heard and seen as equals and white people somehow have an issue with that. Protests all around the country seem to signify that this is a wake up call, people seem to be listening. […]

The Fall Of Empire

After 6 seasons, Empire had its series finale on Tuesday, April 21 with not so much as a whimper and it was so sad to see it go out like that. Production was short two episodes of filming, one of which was the actual series finale when they were forced to shut down due to […]