#MAFS Recap: Season 13 Reunion Part 1

Dishing on all the surprise bombs and drama in the first part of the reunion and a rundown from a watch party where Ryan, Zack, Bao and Jose made an appearance. Where you surprised by any of the couples status?

#MAFS Recap – Season 13 Episode 16

Its truly the final countdown as each of the couples weight the pros and cons of saying yes or no on decision day. We talk about how far the couples have come and make our predictions on what the couples will decide on decision day. Listen below:

#MAFS Recap – Season 13 Episode 4

The couples spend their first night together and get to learn more about each other. 3 and half of the couples are still enjoying each other and we break down each of the couple’s first night and next morning recap with each other. We notice how there were no incessant questions about if they consummated […]

My Recent Podcast Listens

I’ve been off the serialized podcast scene for a minute because I was listening to a lot of show recap podcasts. Decided to hop back on with these two and I enjoyed both. Wondery has a huge stack of options in their library. I also think that they have determined that 6 episodes is the […]

#MAFS Recap – Season 12 Reunion Part 2

It’s finally here and the season comes to a close with the second part of the reunion. Kevin Frazier is still around to probe and interrogate a bunch of different groups and we were here for every bit of it. We still think that this 4 hour reunion was unnecessary but we discuss how we […]

#MAFS Recap – Season 12 Reunion (Part 1)

It’s the penultimate episode with the Part 1 reunion and Kevin Frazier is back! Loads to talk about on this episode as we discuss the recap (yet again) of the couples’ journey and Kevin Frazier asks the hard hitting questions that we the people want answers to. Ade talks about how this reunion has no […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Ep.16

The couples spend their last night together before Decision Day and this is one tense, edit heavy episode, as the producers try their hardest to make us think we have no idea what they will do. We discuss how the edits had a lot of the conversations making no sense and Ade points out that […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Ep. 15

So close but still far from Decision Day, the couples are sent off to a couples retreat to hang out with the other couples and keep working on their relationship. Probably on edge close to d-day, we discuss all the problems that seemed to surface over the weekend. We can’t for the life of us […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 12

It’s the day after the monthiversary and the couples are reminiscing over how their day went. We settle into the dog-heavy episode and talk about how important the dogs were in the relationships this episode. We break down the many ways Erik was oh so wrong this episode and how poor Rockie bore the brunt […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 10

It’s intimacy week and in this episode we get the pleasure of an expert visit with Dr. Viviana. We talk about enjoying having an expert around and rank our experts in order of how much value we think they bring to the table. Our couples are still trudging along and it was a quite heavy […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 8

It’s Friends & Family week where our couples’ loved ones come by to pay them a visit to see how they’re doing and give them sage advice. We talk about how great the friends were in this episode and how well the friends seem to know them. Ryan and Clara continue to be a mystery […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Ep.7

And the shit show continues… In this episode, we discuss the rollercoaster Chris and Paige continue to take us on, Haley and Jacob’s continued miscommunication, Bri and Vince entering reality, Erik and Virginia and their different definitions of marriage and we find out something new about Ryan and Clara. We finally get an expert when […]