My Thoughts On #SquidGame [Audio]

I joined the cool kids and finally watched Squid Game. Listen below to find out why I enjoyed this show despite being squeamish and also the things that made me scratch my head. I’d love you hear your thoughts too. Let me know in the comments what you liked or didn’t like and if you […]

My Thoughts On #ReallyLove [Audio]

Kofi Siriboe and Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing star in this Netflix romantic movie. Listen below to hear what I thought about the movie and if I would recommend it or not. Would love to hear your thoughts, so leave them in the comments!

Some Housewives ChitChat #RHOBH #RHONY [Audio]

There has been so much going on in the Housewives world, I wanted to talk about some of the shenanigans. I probably forgot to mention all of the things in my head but I touched on the high points on all the franchises. What do you think about the direction the Housewives are headed?

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 4

We’re back again this week, trying to get to know the couples as they settle into marriage but it’s the Chris and Paige show once again. As Chris drops a bomb on Paige. Should Paige have gone into that much detail with his parents? Tayne explains why she thinks Chris is actually attracted to Paige […]

My Thoughts On #TheProm [Audio]

#TheProm is a musical comedy adaptation from a Broadway play of the same name. Directed by Ryan Murphy, it stars a lineup of well known stars and has the message of tolerance and letting people love who they want. Listen to the review and let me know what you think in the comments. Taynementdotcom · […]

My Thoughts On #EmilyinParis [Audio]

I watched the 10 episode Netflix show, #EmilyinParis over the weekend. Click below to hear what I thought about the show. Let me know your thoughts, if you have watched it.

#MAFS Recap: Season 11 Episode 12

Week 12 and it’s their one month anniversary! Karen and Miles have a good and positive episode with Karen receptive to two commitment activities. Ade talks about seeing a glimmer of hope between Brett and Olivia, if they can just get out of their way. She also shares why she thinks they are having sex! […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 11 Episode 11

This episode, we are back again to recap the antics of Intimacy week. The experts finally decide to grace us with their presence as Dr. Viviana makes the rounds on just some of the couples. We break down how we thought this was a filler episode and how the couples have pretty much made up […]

#MAFS Season 11 Episode 10 Recap

This episode the couples sort out their domestic life. We get our first mention of the Corona Virus and the couples have conversations with each other to find out where they stand with each other “like”- wise. Let’s discuss: Did Christina and Henry give us hope this week? Do you think they can live up […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 11 Episode 7

#MAFS Recap. The couples are back from their honeymoon and moving in with each other. The strong couples continue to strengthen and the weaker couples continue to crack. Listen to this week’s episode recap!!!

My Thoughts On #ProjectPower [Audio]

The one where I share my thoughts on the movie #projectpower and gave what may be the shortest review I have ever done. Listen and let me know what you thought of it, when you do. Taynementdotcom · Project Power Review