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Best Things I Watched On TV – 2022

Best Things I Watched On TV – 2022 

Like I do every year, I started keeping a running list of all the things I enjoyed watching and like somewhere along the way, I abandoned my list. Why, you may ask? It’s because THERE’S WAY TOO MUCH TV!! and I am so behind on a lot of things. In fact, I just caught up on season 2 of The Morning Show that aired last year.

Anyways, as always my list is just based on things I truly enjoyed (that I remember) even if there were some holes. If there is a show you think should be on the list, chances are I didn’t get around to watching it. Here we go…

  • Secrets of Playboy – This documentary explored the secrets of Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion and it was quite horrific. Couldn’t tell what was true or not but there were definitely lots of unsavory things that happened (A&E)
  • We Need To Talk About Cosby – It’s the era of reckoning, so this is another doc that explored the horrid stuff that Bill Cosby did to so many women. I found it fascinating how he had the same move for every one of them. And they didn’t know each other (Showtime)
  • This is Us – The final season was sheer perfection. It was done so brilliantly and so beautifuly. Great sendoff (NBC)
  • Bridgerton – This is on here just for being fun and enjoyable and proving that it could hang without the Duke. The chemistry between the leads was off the charts (Netflix)
  • Atlanta – Can you believe this show was off air for 4 years? The stars made up for going off to be stars by being so clever even when it was off on a tangent (FX)
  • The Gilded Age – I can’t remember if I was late or on time on this but it was compelling and had me interested in the characters (HBO Max)
  • P-Valley – Oh man! The travesty that is this show being so underrated and “white” media acting like it doesn’t exist. They addressed COVID and dug deep into the characters. Amazing sophomore season (Starz)
  • Riches – This black Brit show was so fun. We don’t have that many soaps on TV anymore so it was nice to see a Dynasty/Dallas-type show in all its bubble gum glory (Prime)
  • The Bear – I binged this in one sitting and it was so gripping. It really felt like an alternate life for Lip if he freed himself of the Gallagher curse (FX)
  • The Chi – I feel like this show makes my list every year but it’s because I just really enjoy it. The storylines move well and yay to black TV shows (Showtime)
  • House of Dragon – For someone who wasn’t head over heels about GOT, I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was so good. Story, acting. Good stuff (HBO Max)
  • Euphoria – I caught up late on this but season 2 was sooo good. It’s so hard to believe how I am so into this for a show I started tentatively (HBO Max)
  • The White Lotus – This kooky show had the best blending of story lines and was definitely better than the first season (HBO Max)
  • Yellowjackets – Went in blind and left pleasantly surprised (Showtime)
  • The Vow – Second season of the doc that followed the Nxvium cult managed to get both sides of the fence and gave for richer commentary. Episode 5 literally made me nauseous (HBO Max)
  • Fleishman Is In Trouble – This late entry was a pleasant surprise about a trio of friends each battling their own mid-life crisis. It’s artistic style is quite different but it’s core is very real (FX)

Okay what did I miss. Let me know your list!

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