My Emmy Wishes

I never ever make Emmy predictions. I don’t get them and they don’t get me, so I just get furious but still watch. This year, I learned about the new voting process and saw how flawed the previous one was (it still is actually) so if I think I knew nothing before who know what […]

A Few Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

Nominations for the 67th Emmy awards were announced this morning and everyone knows that although it is the Oscars of TV, in recent years, it has lost its clout as nominations seemed to be the same people over and over and deserving people didn’t get recognized. I didn’t see everyone I wanted to see but […]

My thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

I know what to expect from the Emmys yet, every year they get me. The Emmys are like an older person who is averse to change. They stick to the same people every  year, it’s almost like they don’t even watch TV. Again, I should be used to this because here I am saying the […]

About the Emmy Nominations

So the Emmy nominations were announced yesterday…sigh. I really shouldn’t be surprised. The Emmys are so old school sometimes, it’s as if they don’t even watch the shows and just prefer to have the same names over and over and throw in surprises that don’t make sense. Anyways, I will list some of the categories […]