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2014 MTV VMA Award show highlights

2014 MTV VMA Award show highlights 


  • Show opened with Ariana Grande and her boots, then Nicki and her ass then Ariana, Nicki and Jessie J for “Bang Bang” except Nicki had a clear wardrobe malfunction and was holding her stomach and boob area with a creeptastic smile on her face. The show must go on, eh?

  • Taylor Swift shook it of awkwardly and even threw us a line that referred to Nicki’s dancer being bitten by a snake the day before, as a set up to a high note that she didn’t quite hit.
  • Chelsea Handler came on after with her usual borderline racist jokes and her face let us know she has recently visited a surgeon or someone in that field.
  • Jay Pharaoh kept popping up to do unfunny jokes.
  • Sam Smith served us some refreshing gimmick and choreography free performance of “Stay with me”. He was introduced by Kim Kardashian who informed us that she and Sam are friends.
  • Usher decided to go ham on Nicki Minaj’s ass any which way possible. Whether with his head or his hand. Either way it was bizarre

  • Miley Cyrus won Video of the Year and sent up a homeless man to give an acceptance speech as she waited in the wings with tears in her eyes. She also let us know she knew she was going to win as she had mentioned on the red carpet that she was going to do something different.
  • Most people were waiting for Beyonce’s performance. The woman came out and gave her everything and some. DOing a 15 minute set without missing a step and a note as she performed all the songs on her Beyonce album.

  • Blue clearly is her mama’s child as she knows her mama’s steps and did the Flawless dance as best as a 2yr old can, with a bemused look on her dad’s face. Too too cute.

  • Performance over, Jay Z and Blue go on stage to present her the Vanguard award. At this point, Beyonce is crying. I wish there was more said or more shown on a screen just to show how much this woman has accomplished no matter what we think of her. Jay Z drowns her with his lips in lieu of a kiss as Blue clapped and gave her mommy stamp of approval.


  • And as soon as she said her thanks, the show just ended abruptly and next thing we know,Ariana’s opening number is playing again on the TV.

Did I miss any major moments? What were your favorites?

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1 Comment

  1. OriginalMgbeke

    Lmao @ this recap. Miley was KILLING me softly sitting there with that “gaze” on her face. I was like girl BYE! I loved loved loved Beyonce’s performance and the moment with her fam was too cute. Nicky’s malfunction was like what? Loved Sam Smith’s performance too. It was def an entertaining show this year.

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