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2016 Fall New Shows Report Card

2016 Fall New Shows Report Card 

2016 Fall TV season is in full swing and the shows are coming up full swing while I weep at my DVR to have mercy on me. If I could watch everything, I really would but I unfortunately can’t and the streaming channels aren’t making it any easier as they seem to churning out full season shows faster than a mating bunny. I have watched at least an episode or two of the Fall shows I had interest in and here are my thoughts based on just an episode or two – which isn’t enough because this time last year I was lauding Quantico and Blindspot and fast forward today and they are both of my watchlist.

  1. This is Us: So far, my favorite new show of the season. It’s basically the best replacement for Parenthood and my only regret is that it isn’t done by Jason Katims. Give it a try and when you watch the first episode, make sure you pay attention right to the very end.
  2. Better Things: This is my second favorite. It’s a tiny little comedy show based on Pamela Adlon’s life and co produced by Louis C.K. It really is Louie (the show) but with a female lead and I enjoy it a lot.
  3. Pitch: I enjoyed the pilot and it also had a twist at the end. I am not sure how sustainable it’ll be as the episodes progress but I like it so far. I quite like Ali Larter in this and the lead was well chosen for a newcomer. I also like the violin heavy background music they have going on.
  4. The Good Place: I like this enough and I like the concept. It’s a show I’d watch but I don’t know if I would recommend. Looking for something to play in the background, this is your show.
  5. Atlanta: I can admit the show is clever and well written and I see where they are going with it. It made the roster but I don’t quite love it as much as everyone else does. It’s either you get the show or you don’t.
  6. Queen Sugar: I liked the pilot. Two more episodes watched and I am quite simply – bored. Nothing about the show intrigues me and I don’t want to know what is going to happen next to the characters. Just not invested. The sub par acting is another turnoff.
  7. I am Mississipi: Based on Tig Notaro’s string of tragedies in her life in 2012, this “comedy” veers on the dark side and can be a little bit hard to watch but being just 6 episodes makes it easier to watch. Liked enough but not sure I’d recommend (Amazon)
  8. Fleabag: British comedy that is fun. It was nice to see a leading lady fucking her life up as she wishes. Another 6 episode watch. (Amazon)
  9. Strut: Figured I’d throw in a reality show. Basically, top model without the competition and just trans models.
  10. Luke Cage: Hmm, I am just half way through and I am not sure I know how I feel yet. I like it but it could appear stiff sometimes but then the show runner said he wanted it to have a 70’s blacksploitation feel to it so that may be what it is. I don’t think Theo Rossi is at his best but Simone Missick as Misty Knight is a sweet smelling breath of fresh air. She’s amazing.
  11. Secrets and Lies: The pilot was so full of corny flashbacks that I wanted to throw a tomato at my TV but I will give it more time for the secrets and lies we were promised to unfold. PLus, Michael Ealy is still on there.
  12. Insecure: I quite liked the pilot. It was fun and easy breezy and just “itself” and I hope it continues in its own lane. A friend of mine said he hopes it doesn’t become like Girls but I don’t see the similarities, do you?

I haven’t had a chance to watch “Westworld” yet but it’s had divisive reviews. Anyone watched it yet? What did you think? Any new shows you think I should check out?

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