2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet

The 2016 SAG Awards show – my current favorite award show (well I will decide after it airs tonight if it has been dethroned by the Critics Choice Award Show) aired tonight and the stars came dressed up to play. Here are some of the looks from the show:

I like this look on Viola. I wish the dress was just a little less wrinkly and more fitted

Does Sara Silverman’s dress look like Viola’s

This might be the best I have seen Eva Longoria in a while. I am usually meh about her choices

Sarah Paulson is never afraid to be outside the box

I think Dascha Polanco could have done better (I also think I am back to hating white on the red carpet)

My baby boo, Christina Hendricks just hasn’t found how to hit her mark on the red carpet

Soft, pretty look for Laura Prepon

Kiernan Shipka always looking age appropriate and pretty

Search my Amanda Peet red carpet comments and see how I have given up on her

Helen Mirren is always here to kill it

Sofia Vergara channeled her inner pepto bismol. The matching clutch was such overkill

Yass Brie Larson. Yasss

I don’t know if I love or like or meh Rachel McAdams look. Yep all of that. Maybe it depends on the angle

Okay I can dig Aduba’s look. Turn around from her disastrous Golden Globes look

Just wondering why Susan Sarandon didn’t help her daughter some so she wouldn’t look she was having a “pretty woman” moment

Gabby Hoffman, why Lord

Kate Winslet in her usual silhouette

Maisie Williams

Katie Lowes is all spanxed up! Hope she can breathe. Shoulda loosened it up a bit but looks good

Priyanka Chopra should have done better for her first appearance at a “big” award show

Don’t like Alicia Vikander’s look and why does she always look dead in the eyes

Wow, I like a Laverne Cox look! Don’t even have to rag on the hair


*pics from omgyahoo and hollywoodlife.com


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