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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 14

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 14 

We pick up from the fight at Karlie Redd’s party with Karlie kicking KD out. We see Karlie cackling and feeling like her mission was accomplished. Her boyfriend, Lyfe calls her aside to ask her what is going on and to remind her that he has legal situations and if he had to intervene he could be in trouble and she should get herself together. Margeaux tells us that she decided to stay in Atlanta to find an identity outside of the drama – is this chick sane? She is meeting with Joseline to find out how she could let the whole magazine shoot hoax happen. Joseline tells us Stevie has filled her in and it appears Margeaux seems to be as dumb as Mimi. Mimi asks her if she was on board and Joseline says yes she was and she didn’t think Margeaux should feel this way. She begins to get on her and tells her to go make her a drink as she is in her late 30’s and still a bartender. She tells her to get on her knees and…you know the rest. Margeaux attacks back saying Joseline must be mad that Stevie is still in love with Mimi. She walks away with Joseline still yelling.

KD goes to see Joc at the studio and fills him in on what happened. She brings up her beef as to how Sina knew that she had a pregnancy scare. She tells him that they keep going through the same thing and she has to fight someone because she is trying to love him. Joc gets frustrated and tells her “fuck you”. Once again we hear the fight song for love and hip hop. She tells us that she is done. Yea right.

The guys – Kirk, Joc, Scrappy and Tony are having a guys night and just chit chatting. Scrappy tells them that he gave Bambi a key to his house. Joc says he needs to run. Joc tells them his KD drama. Tony chimes in with his drama with his wife, Kalenna. Kirk says he thinks Rasheeda and Kalenna‘s beef will blow over. Tony says they should bring them together so they can work things out. Tammy brings Rasheeda to the video premiere thingie and Rasheeda asks if she is still with Scrappy. Bambi is flirting with the elf sized artist that Bambi is towering over and Bambi tells us she did the video to jump start her career that has been on the back burner.

Mimi, Stevie and Tiffany Fox are meeting up and worried about what Joseline will say with them working together. We are yet in another studio, this time with Scrappy, to record music we will never hear. Kirk and Rasheeda are around too to hear his new music. Kirk asks what’s going on with him and Bambi and senses something is going on. Kirk hurriedly tells him about the video and says Bambi was kissing and hugging on some dude in the video. It was news to Scrappy that she was the video girl. Kirk fuels fire by saying it didn’t look like acting. Scrappy looked genuinely hurt as he says he has been doing all the right things and the least she could have done was tell him about the video. Bambi walks in and the Frosts leave awkwardly.

Scrappy asks her about the video and she becomes defensive. The argument really loses the plot as these two are on different pages. She is mad at him for not even putting a song for her or them doing a song together. She tells him she is done and he should come back when he has a bigger ring.

Margeuax meets up with Stevie still mouthing off about her getting paid ten grand. Stevie tries to tell her that her association with Nicko is a weight on her ankle. She takes digs about Joseline and Stevie stands up for her. Margeaux comes up with the ten grand again and Stevie says yea he will give her ten. Ten seconds to leave and he feels she shouldn’t be on the cover.

Joc goes up to the mall to Karlie’s store and says he wants to know what happened with the KD situation. Joc tells her to stay away from Sina as Karlie tells her that she likes Sina. He is trying to get her to act like an adult and tells her to leave KD alone, Karlie isn’t having any of it as Joc tries to scope her out.

Rasheeda and Kirk are having a date night. Rasheeda wonders why they have a big table instead of being cozy and Kirk tells her he has a surprise for her as Tony and Kalenna walk in. Tony says they felt they had to iron things out. Kalenna makes a good point that she thinks they were going out to work out their relationship not another person’s relationship. Tony says that he is concerned about his wife and feels that she needs a friend. She gets upset that he is bringing it up in front of them. Kirk tries to chime in but it is not helping as Kalenna just felt betrayed and he makes it worse by mentioning he wants Kirk and Rasheeda to be god parents. He takes Kirk out so the ladies can talk. Kalenna starts attacking Rasheeda and throws a drink at her after Rasheeda calls her the other girl.

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