My Quick Thoughts On #TheIrishman and #MarriageStory

THE IRISHMAN I am a huge Scorcese fan. When I first heard about this, my first thought was that it was missing Leornado DiCaprio (don’t ask me why). Anyways, I knew it was a crime movie and I knew it had DeNiro but most of what everyone was talking about was the fact that it […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – December 2019

And just like that we are in the last month of the year. Which means we all have the holidays on our minds and beginning to slow burn our minds off work. But the weather is still cold and we have time off coming up which equals Netflix time! A few good oldies here for […]

A Few Documentaries I Watched…

There has been so much influx of TV series content in the last few months and it had me overwhelmed. I decided to take a little break and focus on content with a confirmed start and stop, that did not require a committment. I have always liked documentaries. They are straight to the point and […]

Netflix By The Numbers – Most Watched Shows and Movies

Since it’s inception, Netflix has been cagey about its ratings numbers. Leading ratings measurer, Nielsen claim they have been keeping track of Netflix’s viewership but Netflix has never confirmed its accuracy for sure. Recently, Netflix released some numbers for its most viewed shows and movies but it is a little wonky because, for some shows […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix [with recommendations] – November 2019

Wow guys, one more month – well technically 2 – and we are done with the year. The cold is officially here, which means more time at home to binge watch. This month I am looking forward to Martin Scorcese’s #TheIrishman, the #Bikram documentary and my beloved #TheCrown. Hope you find a thing or two […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – October 2019 [recommendations included]

Last quarter y’all! I think this is a good month on Netflix. New seasons of #BigMouth, #PeakyBlinders and the #BreakingBad movie drops also. Old goodies like #Oceanseleven and #BadBoys are also available. As fall slowly descends upon us, hope you find something to cozy up to! October 1 93 days A.M.I. Along Came a Spider […]

My Thoughts on #Hustlers

Based on a New York magazine’s 2015 article “The Hustlers at Scores” written by Jessica Pressler, #Hustlers tells the story of New York strippers who make money by drugging wealthy, Wall Street men and maxing out their credit cards. The story is told through the lens of Destiny (Constance Wu) who fast forward years later […]

What’s Streaming On #Netflix – September 2019 {with recommendations}

It’s another month guys! It’s also Labor day weekend so you have an extra day to be a bum and find something to binge on. Lots of good stuff here – #SurvivingRKelly, #TerraceHouse and old classics like #300, #Superbad, #MysticRiver and good ol’ #LOTR. Hope you find something to watch! September 1 300 – recommend […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – August 2019

I feel like I don’t get a chance to blink before I find myself here in a new month with new Netflix offerings. It’s been a busy few weeks for Netflix as a lot of their originals have been dropping the last few Fridays, with a few more set to drop in the coming weeks. […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix: July 2019 [recommendations included]

Here we go, Month 7. Hopefully, you are out there making the most of the summer but on the days when you can’t stand the heat, remember Netflix will always be there for you. Here are this month’s offerings and as always, recommendations are in bold. July 1 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – recommend […]

My Thoughts On The Movie – #JoyNetflix

Joy is a movie that is about Nigerian women who are trafficked to Austria to become prostitutes to earn money for their families back home. The thing is, they are each assigned a Madame and the cost of bringing them over, clothing and feeding them is considered a debt that they have to pay back […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – June 2019

Recommendations included as usual in bold. Halfway through the year, if you plan on having some chilled screen time, here is the stuff streaming on Netflix this month. Not a lot of exciting stuff this year but enough to go through. Whatever you do, make sure you see Into the Spiderverse. Happy viewing! June 1 […]