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Who is…Sean Blakemore?
Who Is?

Who is…Sean Blakemore? 

Did you look at this picture and immediately think “I know him!” but then immediately think “Wait, but from where?”. No worries, I will let you know where you might have seen him.

New season of Greenleaf promises a united front to gain back megachurch |  The Crusader Newspaper Group
As Phil Demars on Greenleaf
Stranger Things” Season 3 World Premiere | Tote mädchen lügen nicht, Lügen
As Mr. Cole on 13 Reasons Why
The Quad TV Review
As Coach Hardwick on The Quad
Daytime ❤ Spoiler on Twitter: "#GH #DeviousMaids @SBlakemoreActor Sean  Blakemore in "Devious Maids"… "
As James Hamilton on Devious Maids
What Happened to Shawn Butler on General Hospital
As Shawn Butler on General Hospital

Do you recognize him from any of this?

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