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Recent Podcasts I Have Listened To

Recent Podcasts I Have Listened To 

It’s always a good time to add a podcast to your rotation. Podcasts serve as a good companion or background noise in a number of activities – commuting to work, blocking out the noise at work, while cleaning – the possibilities are endless.

True crime podcasts seem to be the cream of the crop and top choice for most listeners. Personally, majority of my podcast listens consist of reality show recaps (hey! I hear the judgement in your voice) but I dabble in a bit of everything here and there. I see requests for podcast listens on my TL often, while I usually post my recommendations on Instagram (follow me! – @taynementdotcom), I decided to put a few of my recent listens on here in case anyone found it interesting

Image result for to live and die in la
The podcast about missing aspiring actress, Adea Shabani. Such a sad but crazy story. I went in blind, so each twist was like whoa! to me. Also learned that it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have, just ditch the notion that you have any kind of privacy. Your phone really does tell all. Was reminded again how our police system is so questionable. A podcast journalist and a private investigator found more stuff than the police ever did. This was an enjoyable listen to me.
Image result for in these moments podcast
This is a podcast that tells real stories about Africans is a podcast that is real stories told by Africans in Africa and in diaspora. It’s also hosted by two Nigerians. I was introduced to it because I kept seeing the latest episode 4 “Am I Crazy?” floating around.
I listened and I legit felt chills around my heart as I listened because truly the heart of man is wicked. It tells the story of how a man used a woman for green card and the lengths he went to including abuse. As the protagonist put it, he was a narcissist.
I liked the format and how it flowed. The host really let the protagonist tell her story and didn’t take over. They even had a section where they had a lawyer explain immigration laws and how the demon in the story got away with certain things. Oh and I also liked both hosts providing their insights at the end.
I’ve subscribed and plan to listen to the rest of the episodes. So if you’re looking for something to listen to or just want to support a project by fellow Africans, I recommend checking this out.
Image result for the moment wondery

The Moment is about love, relationships and couple’s various stories about making it to the alter amidst bumps. The host of the series @ingridhaas recently got engaged and talks to couples about their journey while also telling us about hers. One couple took a leap of faith. He’d been in love with her since college and she had no idea who he was. They started dating while she was freezing her eggs and he agreed to make embryos with her, before they even had sex. If you’re looking for something to listen to, it’s only 5 episodes so far and a nice break from the true crime and grim podcasts out there
Image result for over my dead body podcast
Two good looking attorneys, fall in love and get married. A few years and two children later, they get divorced and it’s a nasty one. As a custody battle looms, Dan Markel is suddenly shot in the head in his driveway. His ex-wife’s family is immediately suspected of hiring a hitman to do it. Many years of investigation later including wire taps and what seems to be concrete evidence to me and somehow the rich, white family still walk free and all the people in custody are minorities. Once again, another tale of how our Justice system is bizarre and the world is unfair.

Anyone of these podcasts catch your fancy?

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