My Thoughts on Second Act

Maya works as an assistant manager at a grocery store and is expecting a big promotion on her 40th birthday. When she doesn’t get it, she is down on herself for not having a college degree and makes a wish that people like her could be seen. Her godson retouches her resume with “untruths” and […]

All of Jlo’s outfits at the American Music Awards

If you missed the American Music Awards last night, you missed the many outfits that host, Jennifer Lopez wore during the show. Fear no more, I am here to keep you up to date. Here are all the outfits:   How would you rank the outfits? Do you have faves or least faves?   pics […]

Look of the Day – J. Lo [Damn]

I am not sure I even care about the outfit but check out those abs! Who the hecks gets better and this hot as they get older? *bows*