Scandal: Season 4 Episode 5

Things got a bit physical this week on Scandal and not in a good way. We are taken back to Olivia’s law school friend, Catherine who is in prison for the murder of her daughter. It turns out her husband is in cahoots with a drug lord and he knows who killed his daughter. I’m […]

Scandal: Season 4 Episode 2

OPA (Olivia Pope Agency) was enlisted/blackmailed by the Whitehouse/Cyrus to fix another case of the week – A Taliban POW survivor and his gun violence victim/now paralyzed wife who have become the poster couple for stricter gun restriction. The couple is supposed to serve as backup for the president’s state of the union address and […]

Scandal: Season 4 Episode 1

Olivia Pope is Back…?   Olivia Pope or rather, “Julia Baker” was back on our TV screens last night. The last time we saw her, she was on a private jet heading off to parts unknown with the dangerously sexy (emphasis on dangerous) Captain Jake Ballard. Those two kids finally got to stand (or make […]