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Teen Choice Awards
Red Carpet

Teen Choice Awards 


Demi Lovato. All she’s missing is her motorcyle…or briefcase? confused look.

Nina Dobrev usually slays on the red carpet. Actually not sure how I feel about this look. Something off putting about the splattered paint look.
Lucy Hale. Meh. It’s white. We’ve seen this look many times. so just meh.
Rebel Wilson. They were giving out surf boards as awards, so she dressed appropriately :/


Kerry Washington in Stella McCartney. I think this is cute. Fun and flirty and appropriate for this show.


Ed Sheeran…oh boy.


JWoww mistook the red carpet for the evening gown section of a pageant or something. bleh. tacky.


Jordin Sparks speaking with just her body. She looks fantastic. Dress could be better but with that body, I love it.


Gabby Douglas. I know she is America’s sweetheart but I am yet to feel like she has gotten it right on the red carpet. Her looks are usually “almost but not quite”


Brittany Snow. Yaaawn.


Tia and Tamera. Ok so, I wish we couldn’t tell Tamera’s top wasn’t a halter and I like Tia’s fierce cut but i dunno the cropped sweater/floral skirt/dress? i dunno.


Lily Collins. I’ll just drop it here.


Sasha Pieterse..oy ve, those pants..could’ve been better.


Chloe Grace Moretz..makes her look older than 16.


Hailee Steinfeld..?


Nelly is dressed like his music career – Confused. Doesn’t know if he is hip hop or country.


Katie Cassidy


Michelle Rodriguez looking very feminine. cute.

See any faves?


*all pics from Yahoo


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1 Comment

  1. vivikechy

    Nina – Completely agree with the paint splatter being so off. If not, the style and cut of her pantsuit is really cute on her.
    Rebel – She looks fun! And, hey, it does rhyme with the theme of the awards. lolol.
    Ed Sheeran – He looks like a 12 year old. I mean, legit.
    Jordin Sparks – She looks amazing but does need some accessories in color. Can’t stand white shoes. I can’t wait when that trend evaporates.
    Mowery Twins – No, no and no. They look like an all around nah.
    Chloe – Diggin’ her dress. A lot.
    Nelly – He DOES look confused…and lost. And I can’t stand untied sneakers.
    Kate – Not a huge fan of pink of she looks good.
    Michelle – She looks like a lady. Amazing.

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