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The Many Looks of Pregnant Kim Kardashian
Red Carpet

The Many Looks of Pregnant Kim Kardashian 

As you may already know, Kim Kardashian is getting a LOT of flack for…actually I am not sure what for. There’s been a lot of vicious comments on her weight gain which I am confused about because she is pregnant for goodness sakes! Sure it seems like she gained a lot early but really who’s business, she’s a celeb. She will bounce back soon enough. If anything at all, her crime is probably not dressing for her body and not being the Kim K of old. Here’s a collection of her style since her pregnancy was made public knowledge. This will be a LOT of pictures. Enjoy:

One of my faves. So chic

One of my faves too

She got a lot of flack for this one but it might have been an angle issue.
One of the worsts
Save for the wrong makeup color. cute.

These pictures are in successive order. It’s amazing how when she dresses right the bump doesn’t look as huge.

The tight clothing begins…
Bump gone! lol

Bump back…
in flats..

sigh 🙁

I can’t tell you what I think about this dress. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either but alls I knows is that her boobies look HUGE.

This was allegedly designed by Kanye West. She seems to be breaking out the only black and white bondage lately.
sigh again…


Well, that’s all folks. What do you think? What are your faves and your least faves?





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  1. Nai

    LOL @ “sigh”. She needs to rmbr shes preg and lay off the tight clothing.

  2. Ayo D

    She’s missed it quite a bit! But I do like the pant suits she rocked.

  3. Kash

    Oh Kimmie! I hated a lot of these outfits more than I loved, especially that blue dress in the second pic…Ick! Her boobs are HUGE now though, my goodness!

  4. Mgbeke

    I don’t mind most of it, save for the ones that make her look like a stuffed turkey e.g. the peplum top with snake print pants, the black and white dress, the other black and white one, and some others.
    Yes, she has gained a lot of weight but I like it. Normally these celebs look so perfect even in thier pregnancy so it’s nice to see someone who looks normal and represents the rest of the “real world” for a change. And yep, she is Kim K, she will probably bounce back in 3 weeks post-baby or some ridiculous celeb weight loss feat.

  5. Vivi

    I’ve never been a fan of Kim’s looks BK (Before Kanye) and AK (After Kanye) so her pregnancy looks are just on the same wavelength. If I had to choose a ‘favorite’ from the photos here it’ll have to be the monochromatic navy blue suit look. The pants are off but, nevertheless, it’s a cute look.

    It’s a shame that folks are going in on her for gaining pregnancy weight. You know, a natural process! Gosh, these famous folks go through some shit. I can never.

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