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25 Movies to see before Oscar Night

25 Movies to see before Oscar Night 

The Oscars will air next Sunday, March 2nd. Most times, most people haven’t watched a lot of the movies that are nominated. For some reason, I think this year is different and people will be up to date on most of the movies. Every year I am determined to watch all and every year I fail, there’s just never enough time! Anyways, here’s a list and a few tid bit on what I thought of the movie if I’ve watched it. Let me know your number.

1.  American Hustle – overhyped movie

2.  12 Years A Slave – Loved it. My favorite movie of last year

3.  Gravity – Besides amazing cinematography, not sure I understood the hype. Seemed pretty basic.

4.  The Wolf of Wall Street – basically acid in movie form. ’twas a fun (long) ride.

5.  Dallas Buyers Club – Fantastic performances

6.  Nebraska – Haven’t seen it

7.  Captain Phillips – Actually better than I thought it would be

8.  Philomena – Havent seen it

9.  Her – Liked it a lot. Weird, poignant love story that shows where our society is headed.

10. Blue Jasmine – Enjoyable

11. August:Osage County – Dysfunctional enjoyable movie. I liked it.

12. Frozen – Havent seen. Only heard good things though

13. Saving Mr Banks – I enjoyed it and thought Emma Thompson was great in it

14. Inside Llewyn Davis – Haven’t seen

15. 20 Feet from Stardom – Haven’t seen. As a documentary fiend, I shall find it.

16. The Great Gatsby – I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone said it was. My review is here.

17. Before Midnight – I heart the trilogy. Realest movie about marriage.

18. Despicable Me 2 – It wasn’t the best thing but it was okay for me.

19. All is Lost – Really thought this would be crap. It was okay.

20. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom – Could have been better.

21. The Book Thief – Seeing as I just struggled to finish the book, don’t know if the movie was better.

22. The Great Beauty – Haven’t seen it but I really want to.

23. The Hunt – Haven’t seen

24. The Act of Killing – Haven’t seen

25. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug – Haven’t seen

So, my number is 15. What’s yours?


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  1. Ccents1

    OmorLafrique taynement taynementdotcom lol my number is 8…when did i become this bad with movies…when?

  2. Lohi_O

    taynement taynementdotcom 11

  3. mpb

    8(frozen,despicableme,12yrsaslave,greatgatsby,gravity,captainphillips,dallasbuyersclub,americanhustle)andyoulistedfrozentwice. – See more at:

  4. mpb


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