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You might have heard of this show at the very, very back of your mind or you may not have heard about it all. The Bold Type is about three friends – Jane, Kat and Sutton who live in NYC and all work at fashion magazine, Scarlet. Jane is the main character and the straight arrow of the group and a writer at Scarlet. Kat is the biracial head of social media who is a free spirit and go-getter and comes from a privileged background. Sutton (my favorite) started out as admin and worked her way into the fashion department. The show basically follows the lives of these three friends who are in their 20’s and how they choose to navigate it.

I call it a guilty pleasure because A LOT of what happens on the show is kinda unrealistic. Trust me, you will never meet as understanding a boss as these girls have. BUT, it doesn’t take away from the core of the show. The show seems to have a goal of being relatable and they do two things well – showing what true friendship is through these  girls and tackling realistic issues.

I had a bad experience with Freeform (formerly known as ABCFamily) so I had said I was never going to be sucked into any tv show on there again (yes, i lied to myself). But a friend recommended it and who am I to say no to a new show and I liked it enough despite being so annoyed by Jane. You guys, Jane is the typical TV heroine that I have spoken about before here. So selfish and entitled. But I kept on trucking even when it was announced the show was renewed and it was going to be new showrunners – which never bodes well for a show.

Season 2 was an absolute pleasant surprise. They were not afraid to tackle almost all current social issues. I feel like I want to describe the show as Cosmo magazine in show form but I don’t want you rolling your eyes and not giving it a shot. The season tackled guns, cancer, alcoholism, being biracial/black, muslim/lesbian and tackling fear/taking risks and so much more.

Not to be cliche but the boldness of the season added so much more to the show and just made it very enjoyable, soapy and all. Fun fact – Katie Stevens who plays Jane was an American Idol top 10 finalist and is probably the reason why we got a whole bunch of karaoke scenes this season. I think it’s a good show and a good way to digest and think about current social issues without feeling like you are at a lecture.

The Bold Type usually airs Tuesday nights on Freeform but the season is over, so it can be found On Demand and on the Freeform app.

Let me know what you think!

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