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Independent Spirit Awards – Red Carpet
Red Carpet

Independent Spirit Awards – Red Carpet 

You can’t help but love how Cate Blanchett always gives a lil something different.
Something different for Reese Witherspoon
I don’t think I like this on Lupita Nyong’o. It seems so “buttoned up”.
Regardless, if this is good or bad I’ll take it. Shailene Woodley never dresses young. This is refreshing.
Well look at Matthew McConaughey. I love it.
Anna Kendrick. meh
Kristen Bell. cute
Paula Patton looking pretty in yellow post split.
Greta Gerwig. No comment.
Hunky Jared Leto with way too much going on
Zoe Kravitz. Yay or Nay?
Rosario Dawson in an unflattering and drab getup
Laura Dern on the Prairie.
Sarah Paulson. I can’t decide what I think of this. I think I might like it.
Angela Bassett with a pop of color
Michael B Jordan in a suit that might be a tad bit too small.
Let’s play matchy-matchy with Sally Hawkins
Maria Bello. I like.
I just…I can’t with Lake Bell today.
Brie Larson
Elisabeth Rohm looking like an aged Julianne Hough




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