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#LHHNY Recap: Season 10 Episode 3

#LHHNY Recap: Season 10 Episode 3 

Chrissy decides to do some damage control since the news of her foreclosure breaks because her investment partner, Greg is not happy and flies her out for them to speak. She flies out with Kimbella and Juju. It’s so weird to me how easily Kimbella sidled up to Chrissy and my conclusion is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so since she hates Yandy, Kimbella is on board. Kimbella tells Chrissy how Yandy brought up the foreclosure news and her quip that it could be because she isn’t managing them anymore.

We get introduced to a new character, Phresher who is in with Papoose. He tells us he has a baby mama he has been with for 20 years, so you know we can expect drama in that area. Safaree and Erica are shooting the video invite for their wedding despite Safaree still feeling some type of way about Erica asking for a prenup. He feels like it means they have trust issues. Tahiry stops by and she tells Erica she went about it wrong. At this stage, I don’t even know if the rumors about Safaree cheating with Gabrielle are true or not. Also, why does Erica look funny?

Chrissy explains to her pyramid scheme cohorts how Jimmy didn’t let her know and she breaks down in tears. Safaree goes to talk to Papoose about his concerns about the prenup. Papoose ever the source of wisdom tells him she just wants to feel secure and tells him to just sign the prenup. Another character, Jennaske is introduced to us via Jonathan of all people. She is yet another rapper who believes in herself in Population 1. Rich Brokerz comes by and I immediately see this girl’s career DOA. She mentioned she had a meeting with the aforementioned Phresher and says he was more interested in her body vs. the music.

Jonathan and Yandy discuss the whole lunch situation and Jonathan says that he thinks Kimbella will go back and tell Chrissy a story and he worries Chrissy will think that he is laughing at her when that’s not the case. He invites Yandy to his fragrance release party and lets her know he invited everyone including Chrissy.

Safaree and Erica ONCE AGAIN discuss the prenup. My question is answered and I guess Safaree did cheat. He reassures her and tells her he would sign the prenup to make her feel safe and secure. Except she foolishly says they don’t need a prenup because she doesn’t think he would ever be that ruthless. Despite what Jennaske says earlier, she meets up with Phresher in an intimate restaurant talmbout he needs to convince her why she should sign to his label. Phresher keeps harping on her getting her body done. I guess this is why these women keep pumping themselves with ass shots. This is such a sad storyline. If your choices are Rich Dollarz and Phresher 🙁

Jonathan’s fragrance line is in full swing and even Kimbella shows up and they begin to argue about what happened. Chrissy walks in and goes straight up to the group. Jonathan tries to explain what happened but Kimbella keeps saying they’re lying. Chrissy says she knows both Jonathan and Yandy’s personalities so she is sure that there were jabs taken. Tbh, Yandy was being level headed and Chrissy went to 100 but it’s just because she doesn’t like her. I don’t foresee these two ever being friends again.

Till the next episode.

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