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Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 15

Suits Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 

This week’s episode of Suits begins with Evan Smith (Tricia Helfer) making good on her threat to report Donna’s subterfuge to the DA. Mike is busy celebrating his Liberty Rail win with Rachel when Harvey, once again, demands that Mike drop the case in order to protect Donna. Harvey is livid with Mike because he finds out that he knew what Donna did and went ahead and used the evidence anyway.

Harvey goes to Evan in order to strike a deal with her but she refuses to back down and emphasizes that her only duty is to protect the interests of Liberty Rail so Donna can essentially go and screw herself. This causes Harvey to do a 180 about turn and he orders Mike to do everything he can to “stick it” to Liberty Rail.

Harvey’s visit to the DA, Terrence Wolf (Chi McBride), in an attempt to get the case thrown out, goes terribly wrong when he realizes that Donna is being charged with impersonating a Federal Agent- a felony. DUM DUM DUM! After laying into Donna, she tearfully confesses that she was tired of being seen as “just” the secretary while Harvey and Mike swanned around saving the day so she thought she’d be the one to save the day for once. I know this scene was supposed to touching but it only induced an eye-rolling fit over in these parts. Donna is a fantastic (albeit nosy) secretary as we’ve seen in 4 season of this show. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you’re good at girl. I’m not here for that particular brand of sob story and it would have been much more effective if we’d actually seen evidence of Donna want to do something else other than being a secretary previously.

Mike meets with his whistleblower, Joe Henderson to let him know that he’s still pressing on with the case against Liberty Rail, only to find out that he’s accepted a buy-out from the company and Mike’s just lost his key witness. Mike implores him not to cash the check but Joe is all “I’ve got bills to pay dude.” Mike (with Rachel’s help) manages to find another former employee who can help them with their case.

Just as Harvey thinks he’s managed to get Donna off on a technicality, Terrence Wolfe decides to charge her with intent to commit fraud instead and Donna finds out she could serve 3-5 years in prison if she’s found guilty. Louis offers to take over Donna’s case as Wolfe is clearly using Donna to get to Harvey but Harvey, being Harvey, refuses. Harvey resorts to blackmail to get Evan to drop the case against Donna. This leads to Harvey and Donna enjoying celebratory drinks where Harvey promptly dips out after finally voicing what we’ve all know for a while- he’s in love with Donna. The episode tried its best to make us think that Donna would actually lose the case and go to prison but come on…. We all know that Donna isn’t going anywhere.

Jessica and Jeff really seem to be over as Jeff takes his sweet time to consider his future at Pearson, Specter, & Litt. Jeff shoots down all attempts by Jessica to explain herself even after she drops the big L-word on him with the proverbial hat in hand.  Yet it still comes as a surprise when he remains firm and tenders his resignation at the end of the episode. We also get to meet Jessica’s gorgeous sister, Leah in this episode and I hope we see much more of her in the future. Gina Torres has a magnetic screen presence and I feel like we haven’t had enough of her in the last few episodes.

Next week is the season finale and we get to deal with the fallout from Harvey’s confession to Donna. It also looks to be another flashback episode. See you on the other side!

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