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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 7

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 7 

Mimi goes to Ariane’s apartment to air her grievances about the shoot. Mimi apparently was still mad. Mimi brings up how at every occasion she has, krazy michelle starts up something. Ariane explains how she feels K was attacked. Ariane suggests talking to her…all the way in New York. She says she is headed to New York the next day and Mimi should come along since she will be there, she will have a chance to talk to Krazy. Gotta love show sponsored trips. Cuz I know in my life, anyone I invite on a trip needs a heads up to check for tickets. Scrappy goes to talk to his mom and let her know he is moving up and out but before he does that Momma Dee apologizes. He still tells her to back up and informs her that she is crazy and needs to start taking her medicine. She admits to being self centered and selfish and all is well in the Kingdom.

Rasheeda comes up and she speaks about not knowing who Kirk is anymore. Kirk reiterates that her pregnancy is bad timing and he almost feels that its spiteful because she went off her birth control. She tries to explain to him that she informed him when she did. She explains to him that she feels lonely and he stands his ground with no empathy or support and insists on being right rather than being supportive of Rasheeda . Tracy is hosting a designer event and she invites Shay – she says to get over Scrappy. Umm, Shay told us last week that she is “O-V” Scrappy. Now there’s some nastiness here cuz Erica is one of the models. Shay tells Tracy she had no idea Erica would be here. Tracy suggests they should talk, which I think was unnecessary. Tracy asks if she has seen Scrappy and Shay coyly says yes that they “met up”. That they had this “connection that was unforgettable” [Lord Jesus, be a restraint]. Erica walks up to them unfazed, hugs Tracy and while Tracy was trying to get a convo going, Erica firmly informs Tracy she is here to talk to her and noone else. Stevie and Prison Babe (Che ‘Mack) are in the gym and he says he wants to whip her in shape cuz she’s old fashioned. I couldn’t help but notice that she came with a full face of makeup. Man, too each their own but her tattoos are like a wall prison project that they let little kids scribble on. Stevie says he doesn’t want to piss Joselyn off and wants to do things right (aww-rollseyes). PB kept asking if he is in love with Joselyn. Stevie says yes and moves it forward and asks if she is willing to sit and talk with Joselyn. Wonder what got into Stevie, trynna do the right thing? Wonders will never end.

Kirk goes over to Benzino’s house to celebrate some deal that Benzino closed. He tells Benzino about the pregnancy. Remember how I said the locations in this show are so sketchy. They are in the house having a serious conversations with strippers flopping asses all around them . I think I spied Bobby Valentiono as one of the guests though. Kirk and his annoying bobbing adam’s apple says he has been pulling out and using condoms, Benzino reminds him it only takes one to make a baby. Kirk says if it wasn’t his wife he would ask for an abortion. Benzino tells him that abortion is not easy for a woman to go through and at the same time lobbys to be a godfather. I seriously had no respect for Kirk at this moment. I mean the baby is already here.  Dj Drew says his business is going and the only thing missing is his check from Tracy. So I guess her sister’s advise went over her head and she decided to go into business with him. She brought someone she thought was the best candidate. Dude had a resume and everything. On went the Tracy and Drew project.

Momma Dee scolded Scrappy’s dog by saying he peed on the palace floor. She called a dog whisperer, called- B.Good. (who knew there were black dog whisperers). Momma Dee isn’t concentrating because in her words “the dog whisperer is fine. Not fine.. but foooine!” and she asks for a second appointment. Watching Momma Dee hit on him was just…I felt dirty. Che ‘mack, Stevie and Joselyn meet at the strip club as Joselyn is throwing dollars at strippers. Joselyn says, “Here comes, Che Mack-Braces Face. Ho, Why is you here?” lmaooo. Prison babe apologizes and Joselyn is wondering why she is talking to her and says she will never be her. Stevie says he didn’t want to talk to PB without Joselyn knowing. Convo gets heated and as soon as PB calls Joselyn a bitch. Joselyn tells her to watch her mouth cuz “bitch, I’ll kick you dead in your braces, ho”. Joselyn asks Stevie why she is talking to some other broad when her own album is not even done. PB asks Joselyn “so you will never do a song with me?” to which Joselyn replies, “Bitch, you will die and be born again. Die again and be born again before I dod a song with you, bitch. Cuz you crazy as hell”. She tells her to go home, crank her braces cuz she’s out her and as Joselyn leaves amidst dollar bills on the floor, PB says “Tic, Tac, Toe” (what does that mean?), Joselyn pops prison babe in the face as security separates them, leaving prison babe to flash her red undies out to us. Joselyn calmly walks away with Stevie in tow and they drive away. These ladies need to learn that Stevie ALWAYS leaves with Joselyn. Ariane and Mimi hit New York and Mimi tells her that she heard a radio interview where K was talking about Mimi’s bf being down low/gay and that’s her opinion. Mimi makes a good point  that it has nothing to do with her music. Ariane still says she should talk to her.

Tracy is trying to get media for the opening of her shoe store with Drew. Drew tells her that his partner is a con artist. Tracy asked if it is a signed contract and he says it’s a verbal agreement that was not signed. Basically $50k is gone. Tracy goes off again and is upset. How she gave $25k to a man she doesn’t trust without checking for a contract is ridiculous but she was concerned about the girls he was hiring. Karlie Redd is still trying to have a storyline and invites Rasheeda to still be on the diss track. Rasheeda wisely says she’s off that and is not gonna stoop to that level. K performs at BB King’s at a sold out show. Hopefully not VH1 sponsored. They meet backstage and Mimi asks her about the video shoot. K says Mimi should have had her back, Mimi says she didn’t hear. K stands her ground that Johnny and Mimi’s boyfriend is gay. Mimi falls back on the cliché point that K doesn’t have a boyfriend. K says I don’t want one like yours and hits Mimi with the flowers Ariane gave her (K Michelle is a problem). Security comes up and separates them. Mimi continues in her incoherent gangsta bitch voice while K michelle just starts singing. Not sure why Ariane is insistent on them making peace. Mimi tells her to stop taking sides and Ariane says she should have walked away. The two come nose to nose and are yelling at each other saying she should have walked away. Mimi says she never walks away – which we know a la Stevie situation . Didn’t quite understand why Mimi was yelling at Ariane but that is how the show closes for this episode.

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  1. Neicy

    Man I don’t even have to watch the show now you gave me the whole thing in 1 lump sum. The only thing is I think Kirk doing the most. Last season he was looked at like a bitch nigga that this season he wants to redeem himself so now he got to be this hardcore dude and he not so sad. OOOOWEEE!!!!!

  2. Kash

    I agree with Neicy about Kirk. He’s doing way too much this season and I feel like he’s just trying to make up for last season. Jerk! Watching Momma Dee made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m so over K Michelle!

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