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Let’s Talk About The #MarriedAtFirstSight Reunion

Let’s Talk About The #MarriedAtFirstSight Reunion 

The #Marriedatfirstsight reunion was last night and it was more entertaining than it has been the last few seasons. A few changes were made for example, it wasn’t hosted by the whack ass experts who handle these people with kiddie gloves and it was hosted by charismatic Kevin Frasier, who seems to have taken up hosting Lifetime show reunions. He has no stake so he is able to dig in and ask questions they’d otherwise skirt around. Also, after speaking with the couples individually, they stuck to putting them all in the same room. They had stopped that a few seasons ago.

Let’s talk about these couples:

  • AJ & Stephanie – I just can’t like AJ and I’m uncomfortable with how many excuses Stephanie makes for him. She needs to set some ground rules now and not keep grinning and bearing. But if they’re happy, then kudos to them. Just hope she’s living in her truth.
  • Will & Jasmine – What is with guys and being friends after not wanting you? Why did he make them finalize their divorce and then ask for them to date. Ass backwards. Jasmine spoke major truth when she said that if you know you need time to open up don’t come on this show. When Kevin asked if there was a chance for reconciliation, I think Will’s answer made it a sure no for Jasmine because she almost seemed like she was open to it. He is so passive and indecisive, that it’s painful and Jasmine has some growing up to do. I am not sure if she or Will learned anything from this experiment but they are better off apart.
  • Keith & Kristen – Nothing bad to say here. Cute as can be. Wish them the best. I do hope Keith grows up quick.
  • Now the reason we’re here. Luke & Kate – For one, I’m so glad Kate has found someone to make her happy and she has the sparkle back in her eye. She had a dead look during the show. Luke is a narcissist who needs to sort out his sexuality. Who has searching for men as a status for like 15 years as a joke?  He is so concerned about coming off as Mr. Nice Guy but he was completely terrorizing Kate and making her lie to everyone. Kate was ready to spill all the tea and speak her truth.

Now here was my issue. This was Pastor Cal on twitter last night:

I saw red. I responded to him with my red (Which Jamie Otis from season 1 liked so now I am wondering if she has been vocal about her disapproval of how they handled it). For one, don’t praise her for going through an emotional situation you put her in and didn’t remove her from. Also, they could have seen this. Kate’s cousin did a quick search and found his sexual preference on Facebook. So what are the show’s background searches doing? Same way they missed Mia’s arrest record last season? Why was he so flippant also??!!!

They absolutely should have voted her out of the marriage because abuse is abuse. If he was physically hitting her, wouldn’t they have pulled her out. There are things that leave scars on you and are hard to heal. We saw Kate walking around miserable. We saw her cry and be scared. We saw him constantly accuse her of having a drinking problem even as he bought her wine. We saw him have sex with her and tell her he is dead inside and recoiled and CONTINUED to have sex with her. Livid is what I am. The experts were absolutely negligent and useless as usual.

He proceeded to say save for physical abuse you should stick it out in marriage. What a dangerous message! I don’t even know why I am heating up. This is a show where one of the experts is currently dating one of the participants of the experiment. What am I expecting?

Well that was it for this season. Next season returns on Wednesdays in June and will be based in North Carolina. Looks like this show will keep going for a while because a friend of mine saw audition flyers for Washington D.C. I may rant and rave but I am sure I will be watching.

Let me know what you thought!

picsource: NY Post

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1 Comment

  1. Juju

    Wow. That was a lot, i actually stopped watching because of kate and Luke..couldnt stand watching that lovely girl going through that..was just going through her IG today. Wish them luck. I may not be watching subsequent seasons.

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