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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 15

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 15 

Kalenna is still so upset by the ambush her husband and Kirk set up and is in tears.

Momma Dee tells us that it is time for her to start planning her wedding and invites Erica to be part of her bridal party. We also learn Momma Dee says bridesmaids like Nene from RHOA and pronounces it –brasmades. Erica is shocked at being asked to be a bridesmaid and tells Momma Dee she has to think about it. She ups the ante and asks Erica to help her look for flowers and also go dress shopping with her.

Tiffany Fox sends Joseline a text to meet up and Joseline is already on the defensive. Tiffany tells Joseline the whole thing about her song with Stevie and just wanted to meet up with her woman to woman to make sure she has no problem with it. Joseline learns that the whole song is done and is upset about it and says she has to check him since he lied to her. Tiffany tells her that there is nothing foul going on and Joseline said she appreciates it and she believes her because men will be men and she brings him treats every month including Jessica Dime and proceeds to tell Tiffany about their rendezvous and Stevie watching. The two bond by calling Jessica Dime fat.

Nikko’s mom is in town because he wants to tell her face to face about him and Margeaux’s. Margeaux comes in and they both tell his mom that they are getting a divorce. His mom is really truly shocked about the news – not sure why, getting over a sex tape is not that easy. She asks them each if they are seeing somebody. Nikko says no and Margeaux says she is, and that surprises Nikko.  Margeaux maintains whether or not she is seeing someone it didn’t matter, their relationship had run its course.

Resident gossip/”concerned friend, Karlie Redd goes by to see Kalenna because she needed a friend. She relays the whole beef with Rasheeda and the dinner gone wrong to Karlie Redd. Karlie asks her if she feels Tony is right about the post-partum and Kalenna admits that yea she does feel something is wrong. Karlie shares with her that she had post-partum when she had her daughter and it is something real she should take care of.

Scrappy and Bambi meet up and Bambi apologizes for her behavior and says that she over reacted. She explains that it was something she did for herself besides just being his girlfriend. Scrappy says he wants her to know that he loves her and supports her.  Bambi says that she likes having her own place but will still use Scrappy’s key when she wants to. The two make up and we are subjected to the sounds of them kissing. Resident bad bitch, Joseline is in the studio and Karlie Redd pops in wondering who the strange faces are without Stevie in the mix. She tells Karlie that she is testing the waters with other producers and updates her with the Tiffany Fox story. Joseline is upset that he isn’t even working with quality people, like say if it was Rihanna then she could suck on that p****y afterwards instead it is Tiffany Fox.

Margeaux says telling Nikko’s mom about the divorce is her first step in getting her life back. She meets up with Dime and complains about Mimi yet again and how it would have been a good look if Mimi got her a track with Stevie. Margeaux tells Dime about the magazine cover fiasco and meeting with Joseline. She ends up asking Dime to be on the remix. Momma Dee is trying on wedding dresses with Erica and she asks her again if she will be part of the wedding and Erica says she has not decided yet. The rest of the women – her best friend, daughter and Bambi all come in and she asks them to be her “brasmades” for a wedding happening in a few weeks. Bambi is already side eyeing Erica and calling her a drama queen. They all say yes and Bambi says she will donate hair for the entire bridal party and Erica says she is fine she already has plastic and the two start going back and forth until Momma Dee squashes them. Her daughter tells her she doesn’t want her to be hurt by Ernest again.

We see Joseline in Stevie in some kind of post coital situation? Not quite sure because she had roses and candles everywhere but her face was still beat for the gods. Stevie tells her that he did music for Fox and Joseline tells him that she knew already and she thought they had discussed him not working with Fox. She turns around and tells him she did a song with talented people. Stevie asks her why she went behind his back to get something done. Stevie enters psychopath voice mode and tells her that she thinks she can do things on her own but it is not in her contract and it is not possible. She asks him if he wants to hear the song and Stevie says he doesn’t want to hear it. He makes his Stevie rat face and tells her he will miss her as he walks out.

Tiffany is meeting with her manager, Brooke and tells her that it was good working with Stevie and he was professional. They seem to be in a rinky dink club and as Tiffany is talking, irritant Dime is with Dawn and spots Tiffany. Dawn says she feels they need to talk everything out. Dime claims she isn’t trying to start any mess especially since they are in a public place and walks over to Tiffany. Tiffany tells Dime that she is working with Jazze Phe and Stevie and Dime gets butt hurt about it. Tiffany continues and tells Dime that Stevie and Jazze don’t want to work with Dime because she is rough around the edges. Dime decides to hit back and says that at the end of the day they are still in the same position and things escalate. Dawn steps in and separates them till Dime throws water at Tiffany.

Security steps in and pulls them further apart as Dime calls Tiffany an industry hoe. She admits she lost her cool since Tiffany is working with people her management was supposed to hook her up. She says she will show Mimi just how rough around the edges she can get. Not sure why or when it happened but suddenly she is holding wads of 100 dollar bills and Dawn is getting her to chant “get that money” as we watch Dime wobble along as she tries to keep her 3 sizes too big butt implant stable on her legs.

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