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The Jackhole Housewives From Each Franchise #RHOA #RHONJ

The Jackhole Housewives From Each Franchise #RHOA #RHONJ 

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Listen, they’re all crazy but even crazy has levels and some of these housewives have become drunk of their own kool aid and aggravating us the viewers. I went through each franchise from #RHOA, #RHOD, #RHOC, RHONJ, RHOP, #RHOBH and let you know which housewife I think is the most aggravating among the current cast.

  1. #RHOA
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Trust me, I will always dislike Nene and Kenya definitely isn’t a saint but at least both women show their truth. Eva’s energy just doesn’t sit well with me, she just seems mean spirited, doesn’t even have a solid storyline and always has a stankface for no reason. Issanofrommedawg.

2. #RHOD

Image result for leeanne locken
When I first thought of this post, it was definitely going to be Kam but by the season finale, I have had enough and it is definitely Leeanne Locken. This woman is lost and broken and can’t be repaired. It’s too much and now the racial comments to Kary? Nope!

3. #RHOC

Image result for rhoc tres amigas vs kelly fighting
TBH I was going to put the entire cast because this cast is full of trash people. Women in their 50’s or in some cases their 60’s that are still acting like they are in high school. These 4 are the worst. Tres Stupido and Kelly Dodd are completely off their rockers and they need to take them out and sage OC. Gun to head though, it’d be Vicky. She’s awful and a sorry excuse for a human being.


Image result for jennifer and teresa
Jennifer and Teresa together, yuck. Jennifer is just a brat who is up Teresa’s ass to stay on the show and Teresa is just a dumb ass who thinks she is the queen but is such a bitter betty.


Image result for candiace dillard
I have no words for this spoiled brat. If you watch, then you know I am not wrong.


Image result for teddi and rinna
If you follow me, you know I can’t stand Teddi. She just grates on my nerves but before she rolled around that could be said about Rinna. I loved Rinna her first season but as she got comfortable and tried to move storylines, she over did it and just was not on my good side.


Image result for luann rhony
This might be surprising for some because I think most people would say Ramona. Ramona is a shitty person but for the life of me can’t figure out why she doesn’t annoy me. Bethenny is just a lost soul but she is leaving so there is that. Luann…man. She is so selfish and so narcissistic, she cares about noone but herself and it is so frustrating getting through to her. She is also never authentic.

Well there you have it folks. Those are my jackholes (you get what I did there?) from each franchise. Is there any you disagree with? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Osa Khaz

    What about NY? I know she’s leaving but Bethany can catch these hands

    1. taynement

      oh crap. how did i forget NY? Thank you!

      and yes Bethenny is…a lot.

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