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#Married2Med : Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

#Married2Med : Season 6 Episode 13 Recap 

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We start with Dr. Simone’s North house and I am still amazed that this woman still insists on having two houses after everything and Cecil saying they should be in one house. Simone brings up having to make space for Cecil in the closet when they move back and he immediately says he moved his stuff to the basement to let her have her space and Simone genuinely seems touched with a big smile on her face and she goes over to embrace him and it was such a sweet moment cuz I genuinely love them as a couple. She says it will be rough when they move back but it will be great having them back.

Heavenly and Quad are still on this an enemy of my enemy is my friend relationship and she stops by Quad’s new house. Quad brings up the bracelet Heavenly gave her in Antigua and says how much it helps her. She says how the separation has shown her who her friends are and Heavenly has stepped up. Spawn of Satan casually slips in that she was surprised noone else thought to get Quad anything, Quad agrees and says noone did, even though she had said in Antigua that she was not expecting anything from anyone. Shady producers show a montage of Simone and Toya going at it with Quad. Quad lets us know definitively that she will not be single forever.

Under instructions by their therapist, Jackie is supposed to treat Curtis as a king for a day. Jackie decides to cook for him in the nude but she needs help from Simone and Heavenly when it comes to cooking, who comes by to help. Heavenly revels in this moment and also lets us know that “Daddy be eating steak and coochie every night” gosh. Heavenly reminds Jackie that Curtis should be her king everyday and not just for one day. Beloved Simone, interjects and asks her if she knows how busy their schedules are and how crazy she sounds?

Toya and Eugene stop by their house under construction to see how things are moving along. Eugene breaks it to Toya that she might not be getting the huge closet that she thought she was getting for their utility space. The look Toya gives him in the confessional was hilarious! Curtis comes home and Jackie greets him in the nude. Not naked nude, but in a nude catsuit. She gives him a king robe and shady Curtis seems so pleased with himself. While it’s great that they both seem so happy, Jackie especially, and she did choose to forgive him, it was still uncomfortable given all that he did to her, to see her go all out for him.

Heavenly and her sham of an anger management class continues. Her counselor makes her do an exercise where she goes back in her past. She begins to tear up and I am sorry guys, I have been through how many seasons with Heavenly, I am not buying any of this and I am rolling my eyes at this point. Heavenly says the anger towards Mariah was about her sister and not her. She says this like it’s a revelation but she has said that before. She decides that it is time to have a sit down with Mariah and she is ready for forgiveness.

Cecil and Simone have finally moved in together again, yay! They are having a reveal party to let everyone know they have moved back in. They need to keep an eye on their son, Michael. He seems to be a tad forward. Party is in full swing and everyone arrives. We see, Contessa still hasn’t figured out her hair even though I thought we were making progress. Dr. Damon arrives dressed in NOT scrubs or a tshirt. Halleluyer! The men go down to the basement and for some odd reason, there are two female bartenders waiting for them, tits out and everything. The men are nervous because they feel this is trouble waiting to happen. The women come downstairs and Heavenly is yelling and asking the bartenders why they are here but it’s all hype no drama.

We just came off a trip and Toya presents another trip for just the girls and then says that she thinks the couples trips should remain just a couples trip. Quad immediately steps in and Toya responds with its not fair that Quad can come in but Greg can’t, which is a fair point but can we all agree Greg is the one who cheated? Toya is such a diamond in the rough and never knows how to present cases. She just blatantly says “There will be no more single people on couples trips”

The men meet up at Top Golf and the celebration was shortlived as Dr. Damon shows up in scrubs. Ugh.  Greg shows up and I don’t think I ever noticed that in addition to his helium voice, that he is a minute man. They greet him warmly and he says his side of the divorce story. He says, perhaps humorously that what hurt him most was that he lost his sleep number from his mattress. Greg says he was surprised by the divorce papers. Dr. Dummy says he is an optimist and believes in love and does he think there is a chance they will get back together and Greg says “not a rat’s ass chance in hell”


Last Notes:

  • Dr Jackie’s pose in the opening credits is a tad awkward
  • I have never seen a Dr. as averse to water as Dr. Simone is. In whatever scene she is in, you will find her sipping on some soda or alcohol through a straw, but never water.
  • It really is such a sham this woman is named Heavenly.
  • The whole use of Lil’ Kim during Heavenly’s session was a bit funny. I couldn’t help but envision the rapper.
  • I really love Cecil and Simone :D. Some of the best moments are seeing them laugh in the confessional.
  • I wonder if Dr Jarrett was supposed to be a new cast member but didn’t have enough of a story line because she appears a lot as friend this season.
  • The scene where Dr. Damon was eating was hilarious. Man eating like he ain’t eaten in days. Everly looking suspicious as usual.
  • Ayden is so corny haha
  • Yikes when Jackie asks Curtis “I’m not a freak in the bedroom?” and Curtis says “no”. I have decided I don’t like the man. Also, don’t think he is remorseful about cheating on Jackie.

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