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Many a celebrity become famous and lose their privacy because they are always in all the headlines and every move they make becomes tabloid fodder. In some rare cases, there are people making moves in front and behind the cameras but haven’t reached the peak of fame so they are able to still maintain some semblance of privacy. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is probably a name that is not familiar to you but she has had a good year on TV. Here are some of the things you may recognize her from


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As Lulu on the British sitcom “Crashing”. She also writes and produces this. It’s available on Netflix.
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Starred and created Fleabag. One of the rare shows that allows a woman to be an antihero. Her character gets to be as selfish and a hot mess a la Don Draper. Available on Amazon Prime.
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Writer/Creator/Producer of the amazing Killing Eve that aired on BBC America (she’s on the right)
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