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The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 10

The Mindy Project: Season 3 Episode 10 


After talking about all of Danny’s great qualities, Mindy explains a little bit about her relationship with Peter, “a pal you take to the Rihanna book signing when your boyfriend calls it the reason China is winning.” Peter tries to keep Mindy out of his apartment, but she makes her way in and she sees that he basically lives in a frat house.

Since Mindy never moved into Danny’s extra apartment, a story arc from last season, he is putting it on the market. While his contractor Ray works on the backsplash in the extra apartment, Danny asks about knocking down the wall between the apartments to create one big place.

Meanwhile Lauren, yeah she’s still around if you forgot, allows Jeremy to watch her son while she’s away. And Mindy confronts Peter about his living situation, then suggests he moves in to Danny’s extra apartment.

Danny doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Mindy and Peter convince him, with the condition of a few rules of course. Peter cooks them a meal to say thank you, and Mindy invites him to stay over since he didn’t have a bed yet in his apartment. When Mindy wants to get freaky with Danny, Danny  doesn’t want to because Peter is there, so Mindy and Peter watch tv.

The next morning at Lauren’s, Jeremy is like every new parent, not knowing what he’s doing with the baby. The baby only stopped crying when Morgan holds him.

When Danny comes home from work, he sees a cute note from Mindy and thinks she’s in the shower. Feeling a little freaky, he decides to sneak into the shower for a little “brown butter.” But it wasn’t Mindy in the shower, it was Peter.

Mindy comes out, apparently she was sleeping because she has on her sleep apnea mask, to find out what the yelling is about. Danny wanted to kick Peter out because he broke the no coming over uninvited rule, but Mindy convinces him to let him stay.

Jeremy decides to let Morgan babysit  since he can’t seem to bond with the baby. But the baby says “Peter, “ so he stays to have Morgan teach him how to get the baby to like him.

Ray comes by to change the locks and Mindy mistakes him for a food delivery guy. After she asks him to install an old lady seat in the shower, he lets her know that it will be okay to knock down the wall “ to make room for family.” Getting excited at the thought of Danny wanting her to move in, she forehead to forehead kisses Ray, and tells Peter he has to move out. Peter doesn’t want to move out, citing the fact that he left his groceries at the strip club as evidence that he is still a mess.

Jeremy figures out that the baby likes it when he hurts himself, so he keeps hurting himself to make the baby laugh.

When Mindy and Danny settle in for the night, they get interrupted by loud music coming from Peter’s apartment. Peter’s friends were throwing him a going away party, complete with a slip and slide. While they are arguing, Mindy blurts out that Peter’s “going to ruin the place before [she] even gets to move in.” She lets Danny know that Ray told her about the expansion, but Danny explains that by family he meant his mother. And then Peter slip and slides his way right out of the window.

Danny visits Peter at the hospital, and Peter explains that Mindy is all in, so of course she would take certain things to mean that he is too. Danny decides to let Peter stay in the extra apartment.

Jeremy realizes that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone with a baby when Morgan says that Lauren will probably have him babysitting all the time.

Mindy and Danny talk about them moving in together, with Mindy stating she’s “going to be fine no matter what happens.” Danny appears to actually come around to the idea of them living together after she says that. They might not get engaged this season, but maybe they will move in together.

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