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Top 10 Shows I Enjoyed The Most in 2014

Top 10 Shows I Enjoyed The Most in 2014 

I often say that we are living in the golden age of TV. I know who people who disagree with me but I maintain my stance. Every year, around this time, the “best of” lists roll in and we get to see what the critics liked this year. I am no critic but I do want to share my own lists. Living in the golden age of TV makes this so difficult to parse into just 10 shows. I felt weird calling it my top 10 shows of 2014 so decided to go with shows I truly enjoyed and made me do somersaults as I watched. As with everytime I do these lists, I want to apologize that Walking Dead or Game of Thrones will not be on this list. Fans of these shows are gung ho, so I always feel the need to apologize. As much tv as I watch, I still am not able to watch it all but in no particular order, here’s my list.

1. Parenthood: The best show no one’s watching. The fact that it lasted this long is a miracle in itself but man is this show good. In it’s final season, we have been told that there will be a major death but the show is crafted so well we are still immersed in their usual family drama and not consumed by “who will die?’. The greatness of this show is its ability to tell a story so damn well. Glad to see it hasn’t left in it’s final season *sideeye SOA*

2. The Honorable Woman: Heard so many good things about this show. One fine Sunday, decided to binge watch as it was a mini series with just 8 episodes. It was great. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a British born Israeli woman who is navigating her father’s legacy with a lot of political side bars along the way. The story was well paced and none of that story line delay. Reminded me of a personal Homeland in its good times.

3. Homeland: Speaking of Homeland, who woulda thunk this show would make a huge comeback. After the dismal season last year, looks like producers are apologizing by serving us a season so full of twists and surprises while having us at the edge of our seats. We are reminded also of just how good a job Claire Danes done as the annoying Carrie Matheson.

4. Fargo: I know I said this wasn’t in any particular order but if I am being honest this is probably the best thing I watched this year. And no it’s not because I think Billy Bob-Thornton is cute. Everyone was just on their A-game on this show. It was so creepy but so good. I was hooked every episode and didn’t know what to expect. I still haven’t seen the movie it was based on but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the show. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

5. Rectify: Another show I think noone is watching but should be. This show is so subtly powerful I can’t take it. Everytime I watch Aden Young give a performance my heart just  wrenches. I can admit the show is a bit slow but for its story, it kinda has to be.

6. Mad Men: Speaking of slow, as some of you may know this is my favorite show currently airing on TV but I know a number of people who often describe it as slow. It got a lot of flack last season but in its first half of its final season, I thoroughly enjoyed it. How can anyone forget that moment between Peggy and Don? *wipes tear*

7. Orange is the New Black: I wasn’t sure what to expect in its sophomore season but there was nothing to be worried about. The show remained strong and was able to maintain and develop its storylines, including introducing new characters.

8. House of Cards: Netflix continued its winning streak cuz we were served delicious evil by Frank and Claire Underwood. I was as hooked as I was with Season 1. Looking forward to Season 3 (Feb 27)

9. Masters of Sex: Ah. This show was so great this season. See, the human psychology fascinates me and getting to see all the layers of the characters was fun for me. The metaphorical episode “Fight” was my favorite episode

10. The Good Wife: Ah, the Good Wife. The best drama that is on network TV. See this show is a show you forget how good it is and are reminded every single episode. With every huge change of story line, we wonder how on earth they will pull it off but somehow or the other, Robert and Michelle King are able to pull it off. In the Kings we trust.

So that’s my 10. I am cheating by doing a bonus but I have to mention The Americans.  I know I treat comedies like step children but honorable mentions to The Mindy Project, Silicon Valley, Doll & Em, Jane the Virgin and You’re the Worst.

I’d love to hear your favorite shows of the year. What would you change on my list?

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  1. jubekwe

    Everything you said except haven’t seen rectify and  the honorable  woman. Didn’t see masters this season, I just lost interest. Goodwife, still the best. True detective was this year right? Its on my list. mad men, no.

  2. Ozzay

    You obviously don’t watch The Walking Dead…

  3. originalmgbeke

    Just finished Homeland, yay me! About to be done with OINTB after I finish being Mary Jane. I didn’t have any faves sha but as usual I enjoyed GoT.

  4. Wood

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