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MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
Red Carpet

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet 

Selena Gomez
Emma Watson

Kim Kardashian
Kerry Washington – umm what is going on here?
Chloe Moretz – maybe she grew up on a farm and was missing the farm?
Kylie Jenner
Zoe Saldana – I don’t know how I feel
Melissa McCarthy – much better than her usual award show fanfare, no?
Sammie from Jersey Shore
Kylie Minogue
Quevenzhane Wallis
Jamie Foxx and his hotter by the minute daughter.
Holland ROden
Snooki – everything about this is wrong

Snoop Dog sorry Snoop Lion
Crystal Reed



Shaun RObinson

Hana Mae Lee





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  1. Kash

    Kerry Washington had potential…the more I look at it the better it looks. Kylie Jenner looks nice and so mature now. Jamie Foxx’s daughter mehn..gosh!

  2. Mgbeke

    LMAO. Plix, what was on Hana Mae Lee’s head though?

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