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2014 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet
Red Carpet

2014 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet 

These are the pictures from The Teen Choice Awards were pink and white seemed to rule the carpet…Any faves?

Selena Gomez keeping it classy
Kim Kardashian pulled and tightened and trying too hard
Taylor Swift keeping it fun and flirty
Sigh, Ariana Grande. Why?? Get rid of this damn ponytail and stop looking so scared on the red carpet.
Very nice Demi Lovato
Seems like white was the color of the nite. Kendall Jenner got the memo
Not sure if I like this matchy matchy by Nina Dobrev. I usually like her style.
Kylie Jenner following her sister
Emm, what happened to Zendaya? and more importantly to her hair?
I give up. Sarah Hyland will never look right to me on the red carpet.
Chloe Grace Moretz..eek.
Runs for the hills..Jordin Sparks noooo.
Hilary Duff


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1 Comment

  1. OriginalMgbeke

    Selena Gomez is my fave. Very chic and clean cut.

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