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My Thoughts On #365Dni [Audio Review]
Audio Reviews

My Thoughts On #365Dni [Audio Review] 

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Sooooo, I am trying something new with this movie. This will be my first audio review!

Please let me know what you guys think. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this format (and the movie!) in the comment box. Feedback is welcome!

Also, just in case you think I mentioned the lead actor’s attractiveness too many times – proof below.

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  1. Mute

    Didn’t have high expectations because I already thought it was going to be like the soft core skin flicks Cinemax used to show when I was a kid. Just mindless trashy erotica. Lol there is a market and an audience for it, not necessary that we want it done to us … well maybe role play planned in advance …with a safe word.

    I also noticed the plane scene with the unwashed hands literarily gagged.

    It wasn’t Oscar worthy but I wouldn’t give it a Razzie easily either. I’m looking forward to part 2 and 3 so I can laugh my head off. It was definitely better than 50 shades because I walked out of 50 shades. Dakota is a horrid actress. Her delivery is so wooden.

    Please provide a list of Ashewo Erotica we can watch on Netflix oh.

    Liked the audio review. Great Job. Didn’t think you needed to go as much In detail with the background using the first few scenes but overall funny and nuanced. Thank you

    1. taynement

      You are right about the detailed intro. I heard myself but I also wanted to give enough context as to how ridiculous her kidnapping was. that she had a life and they didn’t know each other and he just decided to give her an ultimatum. Thanks for listening!

  2. Leggy

    Doesn’t the kidnapping remove any consent whatsoever? Lol. Thanks for this review, I’m going to give this one a pass.

  3. Bugo Echem

    I’m obviously in the minority of those who loved 50 Shades so when Netflix recommended 365 DNI, I jumped at it. I agree with you. Yes, he was hot and some of the scenes were hot but I felt quite uncomfortable a lot. I told my friend it was a mix of 50 Shades x Beauty & the Beast x Cheap Porn. I love cheesy and I actually found 50 Shades somewhat romantic and cheesy but this one for me was weird.

    I will also admit that I did not have any high expectations at all. It was just another Saturday night movie to watch so I was not disappointed in any way. Will I watch the sequel? Of course yes! LOL. Do I recommend it? Yes but with a follow up line to not read too deeply into it.

    Oh and yes, I love this audio review. You know i love reading but it’s definitely cute to switch it up once in a while x

    1. taynement

      I thought about you when I watched this movie because I know you liked 50 Shades but at least they liked each other there. This one never bothered to even tell us why he liked her vs. an obsession. Thank you for stopping by and for feedback!

  4. Nice Anon

    Honestly, I suspended all sense of reality watching this. It is really sleazy porn with little to no plot. I’m actually looking forward to part 2. I liked it. Gotta take the movie for what it is.

    Below Her Mouth is a great movie with plot that actually makes sense.

  5. Toun

    I’m hella late however, I loved this movie because it was a well needed laugh in this dumpster fire of a year. It was so ridiculous I am convinced they did it on purpose otherwise how did it get past so many check points?! From the plot holes to the rapidly shifting feelings of both character for no reason, I mean if you wanted to make porn with good looking people just say that and leave us alone.

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