R.I.P Roger Ebert

To the man who was a beloved and astute movie critic both on tv and in print

To the man who gave us the “two thumbs up” gesture at the movies

To the man who was so well rounded and witty not just on the topic of movies

To the man who made me sneak out past my bedtime so I could watch his show that aired really late in my city

To the man whose movie opinions I truly respected

To the man who faced cancer the best way anyone could

To the man with the best attitude to life despite losing his ability to speak

To the man with some of the best quotes

To the man who will forever be remembered in the history of movie reviews

To the man who loved his wife ever so dearly

To the man who lived life up until the very end

Goodbye Roger Ebert. Hope you are having a fun time disagreeing with Siskel.

You will forever be remembered.




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