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Some Random Thoughts on This Is Us

Some Random Thoughts on This Is Us 

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If you follow me or you watch this space then you know that This Is Us is my favorite new show  of this season (and if you are not watching, I highly recommend it here). The winter finale was last week and I just had a few random thoughts that I wanted to share based on what we have seen so far.

  • The first few episodes had twists in it and I feared that it would become a twist-dependent show but thank God they have shown that this is not the case. It stands quite well on it’s own story line legs.
  • I love Jack so much. He is practically perfect. I usually hate perfect characters (read: Michael on Jane the Virgin) but so far I have no reason to hate Jack, I love him so.  That being said, I feel like we are being set up for a major flaw and I am not ready. I keep going back to that episode with the washing machine, when Jack comes home late. The same episode some secretary-ho was adjusting his tie flirtatiously. I was so sure Rebecca was going to find something in the laundry room but it was a fake swerve by the writers. Stay tuned.
  • Speaking of flaws, I think whatever blunder Jack committed plays a part as to why Rebecca is with Miguel now. Speaking of Miguel. I don’t like him and will never like him. I stays loyal to Papa Jack. When he asked for the Pilgrim Hat during thanksgiving, I hissed so loudly. How dare he?
  • I can get with Kate’s struggle with her weight but of all the characters, I find her most annoying because she self sabotages -and I realize that I probably just contradicted myself. It could also be because I like Toby a lot and I get all confused when she doesn’t see he’s a good one (I hope he is). The part where she said he might interfere in her weight loss goals, sure I see that but then Toby is just one aspect. Is she going to eliminate every thing that may be a hindrance. Real life doesn’t work that way. You work through obstacles.
  • Speaking of Kate. I am so bothered by her there hasn’t been any connection between her and Randall. We are yet to see a scene with just both of them. She is always with him with when Kevin is around. I wonder if there is a back story to that.
  • I find Kevin and Kate’s bond annoying. Yea, yea, yea they are twin/triplets but it’s more of the Randall exclusion that I find annoying. I mean, how can he compete with a bond like that?
  • So, the summer episode where they went to the pool where Kevin complained about Randall getting all the focus. I think I can kinda see where he was coming from. Rebecca and Jack were just trying to make sure Randall knew he was loved and accepted but I am sure they also didn’t expect to have a damn near perfect child. Perhaps if he was a troubled kid, Kevin won’t feel as threatened as he did.
  • Speaking of hard parenting choices. When Rebecca chose not to tell Randall about his dad. Man, that had to be tough. I can’t say that it was a wrong or right choice. On one hand, he had a right to know especially because his father wanted him and being a different race, that inclusion would have been handy to him but on the flip yes his dad was recovered at that point but as with every recovering addict it’s a risk because you don’t know if he will slide back and subject Randall to a life of disappointment. She loved the boy and ultimately she let her fear of losing him make the decision.
  • Goodbye Olivia don’t let the door hit ya. Kevin’s fling or whatever she was was such an annoying character sheesh. Why do American shows think they always need an obligatory British character? Yuck.
  • Randall’s wife is the MVP. True talk.
  • How about that push up scene, guys?
  • Tobyyyyyyyy!!!!

Well, as you can see I am very much invested in this show. How about you? Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share? I am very much open to hearing!

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