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How #RHOP Found Itself in Season 3

How #RHOP Found Itself in Season 3 

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#RHOP is one of the newer additions to the Housewives franchise (only Dallas is newer than them). When it first aired, especially as the second black cast (after Atlanta), I think everyone was a bit tentative. For one, most were wondering what a Potomac was and why it was chosen as the next location? Also, the last location close to that geography was DC and that was a complete flop.

The ladies didn’t go into their debut green like the other older franchises. They were able to see how their sister cast members navigated themselves, on and off the show and that could have been a disadvantage because the first season was roughhh. You could literally see them trying to find their roles as it aired. Who would be the villain? (Giselle), who would be the one with the (forced) one liners (Giselle), who would be the head bitch in charge (Karen). The recurring theme in the first season was “etiquette”. It was so aggravating. Especially as none of them seemed to have it but kept trying to force it on each other.

My issue with the first season was that the ladies were not authentic and seemed to be playing a role. Every single cast member was trying to project something that they were not. That they were richer, that they were of high social ranking, hell – that they lived in Potomac (most, if not all are Potomac adjacent). It didn’t help that aesthetic wise, it was quite painful to see their fashion sense, Giselle’s clown makeup and as Nene would say “party city wigs”. It was awful. We weren’t sure if they were going to get a renewal but here was Potomac’s trump card – The Reunion. The ladies suddenly woke up and got nasty during the reunion show and I am pretty sure that made the Bravo execs decide to see what could be done with the ladies.

Fast forward to Season 3 and these ladies have found their groove, have finally started being honest with their lives and situations (except for Karen) and deliciously settled into the love-hate relationship that is required of every Housewife franchise. This season has really been a delight to watch and very enjoyable. I hope I am wrong but I think it might be their peak because as we have seen, as the years go on it is inevitable that the stale mate will set in and everything becomes a seen that-heard that.

Here are my thoughts on each Housewife of Potomac:

  • Giselle: I think she is a mean girl, who just can’t stand the younger girls. Giselle is like a mini Nene except she has no loyalty to anyone not even her minion, Robyn. Who needs enemies with friends like Giselle? Can someone get her a stylist?!
  • Robyn: I honestly think Robyn could be greater in life as a friend or castmate if she didn’t hand over the remote to her brain to Giselle. As a person, she just seems flat. She definitely has become more outspoken since her first season but a lot of her outspokenness seems to be mean stuff and attacking people.
  • Karen: LOL. I don’t know. Karen is a nut case. She is so delusional and trying to project a perfect life that she can’t keep up with her lies. You know that thing where you think you are putting up a great facade and image but everyone can see through it? Which is just worse because you think you are doing great but everyone else is pitying you? That is Karen BUT I will say that I appreciate how Karen takes the younger ladies under her wing and never seems threatened by them. Karen has a good sense of humor (when Ashley stole her wigs and was making fun and she laughed along) and she forgives easily and lets things go.
  • Ashley: I find all of the Potomac cast unlikable people but gun to head, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d pick Ashley. I love how she loves life and is fun and is nobody’s chump. Ashley is the designated pot stirrer but she is equal opportunity attacker and will turn up at anyone at any time. I wish she knew Michael the ogre, doesn’t want her or that her Mom is a poison (which I know is hard). She is a pretty little thang and should go ye forth and seek better for her life. She also needs to face her marriage and but out of everyone else’s.
  • Monique: I really liked Monique’s first season and how she didn’t back down from anyone coming for her but she has become too big for her britches and is always exaggerating stuff. Especially how she is “soooo busy”. I think she is more interested in chatting the longest shit than actually making a point. I do think there’s something abrewing behind the scenes with her but not sure. Next season should be interesting when she has the baby. Kinda hard to believe she is just 34.
  • Charisse: I am not sure why she was downgraded to “friend” this season, seeing as she is in almost every scene and even made the trip. So what’s the difference? I don’t like Charisse, I think she is not a nice person and is just stank. My one compliment is that she got better weaves/wigs.
  • Candiace: Why did they add this girl to the cast? I do not like her. I think she needs to go find herself some more and stop thinking she is a teenager. It makes me uncomfortable to watch how much control her mom has over her and I hate the way she treats Chris, her fiance. Sounds like a trainwreck. She seems more interested in the wedding and the attention she will get that day than anything. I’m pretty sure she will come back next season and she better fix that mop on her head if she does.

So those are my thoughts on the show and the ladies. What do you think of this season? Who is your favorite and why? I’d love to hear!!


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