All of Jlo’s outfits at the American Music Awards

If you missed the American Music Awards last night, you missed the many outfits that host, Jennifer Lopez wore during the show. Fear no more, I am here to keep you up to date. Here are all the outfits:   How would you rank the outfits? Do you have faves or least faves?   pics […]

Quantico Recap: Season 1 Episode 8

At Quantico, things settle down a bit after the last pruning. Nimah and Raina are now fully separate and move to different rooms. Nimah (the one without the hijab) moves to Alex’s room while Raina remains in her old room now truly all by herself. Simon in a series of conversations with Raina, discovers that […]

Quantico: Season 1 Episode 3

We flash back to Quantico, where before the trainees are given this week’s assignment, they have a brief pool exercise. In this exercise, 2 trainees are tied together and dropped into the water and they have to “sink or break free” together. Alex and Shelby are tied together and they break free pretty fast, causing […]

Quantico Recap: Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2 opens with interview scenes of the future recruits being asked why they want to join the FBI. It also shows that everyone has secrets as we see that Simon carefully cultivates his harmless facade, Shelby texts a suspicious number and we are introduced to a new character, Natalie (a cop). We also see where Ryan […]

Quantico: Season 1 Episode 1

Quantico opens with a bang or the aftermath of one. The episode opens up with a bombed out Grand Central Station and the scene cuts to the past where we are introduced to the main members of the show. The first is the star of the show, Alex Parrish who leaves for Quantico while lying to her mother, she meets a guy named […]

Scandal Season 5 Trailer

The adultery continues as Olitz continue their affair and Fitz seemingly seems to ask Mellie for a divorce? Scandal returns September 24.  

Scandal: Season 4 Episode 7

Last night’s episode of Scandal was probably one of the best of the entire series and that is not an exaggeration. In true Scandal fashion, we were subjected to multiple sucker punches in the last 2 minutes of the show and I am still reeling from it. The show started with Quinn confronting Catherine’s husband […]

Scandal: Season 4 episode 6

This week’s Scandal kicked off with Olivia having a dream/nightmare about getting intimate with Jake and Fitz as their faces interchanged; so kinky. At the end of the last episode, we saw Olivia being comforted by Abby and its no surprise that when Olivia wakes up screaming from her dream/nightmare, Abby was there to comfort […]

Scandal: Season 4 Episode 5

Things got a bit physical this week on Scandal and not in a good way. We are taken back to Olivia’s law school friend, Catherine who is in prison for the murder of her daughter. It turns out her husband is in cahoots with a drug lord and he knows who killed his daughter. I’m […]

Scandal: Season 4 Episode 1

Olivia Pope is Back…?   Olivia Pope or rather, “Julia Baker” was back on our TV screens last night. The last time we saw her, she was on a private jet heading off to parts unknown with the dangerously sexy (emphasis on dangerous) Captain Jake Ballard. Those two kids finally got to stand (or make […]

The New Fall 2014 Shows I Plan to Check Out

Well, as the cool temperatures are telling us, Summer is fast fading away and Fall is upon us. Besides the cooler temperatures, it means that TV shows are making their return back to our living rooms. The last few years haven’t really been impressive with its freshman shows but there’s always a few gems. So […]