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The Best Reality Shows I Watched in 2021

The Best Reality Shows I Watched in 2021 

The best reality TV of 2021

You know I had to do one for my TV loves, reality shows. They took up most of my tv viewing this year, so it’s only fair. Here are the reality shows that gave me great enjoyment this year:

  • The Circle – We somehow got two seasons this year and both were so fun to watch though if I had to pick I’d pick season 2 (Netflix)
  • Big Brother Canada – I have watched every season of BB US so I had to check the Canadian version that I had heard so much about and it lived up to the hype. Having the diversity and the first black winner was the icing on the cake.
  • Big Brother (US) – Contrary to those who say that this season was “all about race” for some of us, it was great finally seeing representation after 23 seasons. The Cookout is the best alliance we have had on the show and once again, the first black winner – after 23 seasons! – was great to see. Didn’t expect to be emotional, but I was (CBS/Paramount +)
  • Summer House – An underrated Bravo show, Covid or not, the housemates gave us a show and it was great to watch (Bravo)
  • Lula Rich – I don’t know if this counts but I couldn’t take my eyes off this crazy train (Prime Video)
  • Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – The joy this show gave me was immense. It was so great seeing these ladies who are otherwise villains on their shows, be likeable. Breaking the 4th wall was also a welcome change (Peacock)
  • Real Housewives of Potomac – Keeping it in the Bravo family, this show is the show that keeps on giving and even a reunion with Nicki Minaj was a delight (Bravo)
  • Top Chef – We got a COVID season in Portland and it was the most wholesome season we have had in a while where you could tell the contestants genuinely liked each other. Having past contestants as judges as well as the swag they came with was a wonderful choice. Too bad the winner came with baggage (Bravo)
  • Project Runway – While we never get to hear about the winners afterwards. This season, while host-less, has the most talented designers we have had in a while. I also really appreciate and enjoy Christian Siriano, this season (Bravo)
  • The Voice – I have never watched a full season of this show but I watched this season as a pick me up and it delivered! New addition, Ariana was a terrible judge but the banter and Blake Lively + the talent, were well worth the watch (NBC)
  • Couples Therapy – The show that is about real therapy still delivered a strong season with the couples having to navigate their problems while tackling COVID (Showtime)
  • BET Presents The Encore – Carlos King got a whole bunch of girl group members from the past to form a super group and create an album. Putting that many personalities in one house was a gift I didn’t know I needed. Didn’t hurt that the music was good too (BET)
  • Love and Marriage Huntsville – When I think this show has exhausted all possibilities I find out there is more. Martell and Melody’s hatred + the addition of the irritating Tiffany and her husband, gave the show juice this season (OWN)
  • The Great British Baking Show – You don’t get more wholesome than this and when your fave wins, it’s even sweeter (Netflix)

There were so many shows that I am pretty sure I am missing some so I would love to hear what reality shows you enjoyed this year. Let me know in the comments!

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