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Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 3

Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 3 

This week’s episode starts off where the girls meet up Mama Braxton. Her girls have gone bananas with their fighting. She encourages her babies to go to Jamaica where Toni is slated to perform. She wants them to relax and find their sisterly bond. Tamar seems reluctant (what do you expect!!) but at the end of the day she decides to go on the trip – Vince, little one Logan, her mummy and her nanny in tow – must be nice!

With Trina and Towanda enjoying drinks from Leo the waiter who walked though the pool to serve them the drinks, things are looking up for the sisters on this trip. The Herbert’s got a villa where mummy joins them. The sisters chill together and discuss this their solo project. Toni wants every sister to sing two songs each – Tamar disagrees. Another chance for an argument creeps up. Towanda keeps her mouth shut…definitely not trying to be the reason for the drama *LOL*

Toni talks about Traci’s new album. Tamar advises her to release a single as she declares she has never heard any track from the so called album. Traci has the nerve to say Tamar was booked so she did not hear it *dead* Towanda wants all the sisters in LA for their project. A ray of hope shone through in this scene. Despite Tamar’s belief that everyone is against her – the sisters attempted one of their goofy harmonies…Awwww.

Tamar takes a walk with her mummy to vent about her feelings about trying to give Traci advise on her solo project and the sisterhood in general. Mama Braxton tells her to let everyone do what they please…in summary ‘SHUT UP!’ Lol

Trina, Towanda minus Traci are prepping for Toni’s evening performance – Where the hell is Traci?!! The sisters minus Toni hope she turns up before they hit the stage. Toni still in the dark goes on and makes her crowd happy. Highlight was bringing some dude who was so animated about being in her presence on stage. Dude even displayed some pipes while playfully singing with Toni. Toni shouts out her sisters…awkward moment when Traci is called and she is nowhere to be found. Trust reality shows to make things work out perfectly…she strolls out!

Toni has Trina perform my song – Party or go home *insert the Trina hand up.* The night continues with the sisters hanging in one of their rooms…JUST LIKE OLD TIMES! Of course Tamar tells the sisters minus Toni they need to rehearse more. They toast to their fun sister trip.

The sisters go parasailing! Fun moments all around with Traci trying to pee in the ocean…smh More great sister moments with silly talks of ‘bump bump’ aka Herpes -eww! The sisters continue bonding at dinner- at the Herbert Villa. Even Tamar wants this moment to last as long as possible. In the spirit of happiness, Toni talks about wanting her “puff, puff, pass” moment for a second time. What do you know, Traci whips out a fat one – Ha!

Toni lights that sucker! The sisters start to puff, puff, pass until they think VInce in coming in to the dinning area. Towanda dips in her glass of water to put it out…smh. They resume the puffing way outside the house. I am super happy that for once in long time they are one whole sisterly unit! Can they carryover this togetherness outside of their vacation zone? I say of course not!

Looks like we will be seeing Traci’s husband confess his infidelity on the next episode. See ya next week!!!

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