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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 8

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 8 

Tony and Kalenna are scouting out places for the club but Kalenna is still not convinced. She is not convinced but she chooses to support Tony and they will throw all the money they have into this club. Arianne and Margeaux are meeting up. Margeaux says she understands defending your friend but reiterates again that it was Mimi’s idea. Margeaux says there’s no audio tapes but there is a person who can prove …honestly I don’t know. Ariane decides to straighten things out with Mimi and see if she can get the truth once and for all.

Joseline is still upset with Stevie and meets up with Kalenna. Kalenna says she wants the club filled on opening night and thinks Joseline can do that. She tells Kalenna what’s going on with her and Stevie. Kalenna tells Joseline that she supported her husband and she asks Joseline to perform at the opening. Joseline agrees but says she has to ass kiss to get Stevie to get a band together. The weird ass association of Yung Joc’s exes and baby mamas are together. Sina tells us that they meet together at least once a year and they are all kumbaya and happy – I gotta tell you that this is weird to watch. They seem so stupid because we see that Joc is still legally married. Sigh.

Joc walks in with Khadiyah and there’s silence. Khadiyah justifies being at this meeting by saying she is not letting them disrespect her anymore. Khadiyah wastes no time and calls Sina – Ho-Sina and the disagreement starts. They drag Sina away and the wife, Alex gives Sina a talk saying to not let her get to her and to remember that they are in this situation because of Khadiyah — what situation?? How?? – While Khadiyah tries to prove her point, Alex manages to make some type of sense by saying he has 8 children with 4 women and is still married, so she should know the kind of man she is dealing with. She still yells and says she has feelings for Joc. Gosh. Joc leaves Khadiyah on her own and even yells at her that if she wants to leave, she should. She walks out.

Kirk and his faux artist are talking and Ashley Nicole tells Kirk that Rasheeda is jealous and just.keeps.running.her.mouth. Kirk tells her if you keep running your mouth it doesn’t benefit you because at the end of the day Rasheeda will win. He tells her that she needs to sit with Rasheeda and air out the bs. Ariane agreed to model for Margeaux’s art show and she says she seems like a woman who wouldn’t lie. She meets up with Mimi and tells her about her and Margeaux’s convo about the sex tape. She asks Mimi upfront if she lied and the pre meditation. Mimi stands by her Nicko story. She mentions some guy that brokered the deal. Mimi starts saying nonsense. Saying there are many layers and Ariane should believe her and she told her what “she wanted to tell her”. Mimi gets defensive and it is obvious she is lying. Mimi gets mad about Ariane working with Margeaux and kicks Ariane out her house.

Joseline and Stevie meet up and Stevie still doesn’t know what he did wrong. Stevie tells Joseline that she doesn’t hold him down. She finally tells Stevie why she is mad at him. Stevie is calm and agrees to whatever Joseline wants. You could practically see Joseline melting. The two make up and all is well. Rasheeda meets up with Ashley Nicole. Ashley Nicole apologizes and says she should have stayed in her place and Rasheeda lets her know that it is all her fault and has been disrespected since day 1. Ashley Nicole tells her that Rasheeda needs to take responsibility for some and Rasheeda cuts her off to say she cant be told what to take responsibility for. Ashley Nicole asks for one more chance and invites Rasheeda to a performance she has so she can show her what she can do.

Joc tells us he spent the night in his car. Joc tries to use his key to open the door to the condo but Khadiyah has changed the locks to her house. They have a long pointless conversation that is not worth recapping. But next thing I see is Khadiyah yelling and screaming. She gets a suitcase and tells him to stay in his car or some gibberish like this. She starts crying and starts throwing things off the balcony.

Mimi is on my screen again talking about her past blah blah. She says she doesn’t want to live in fear anymore and wants to speak her truth starting with…door opens and they end the episode.

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