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Suits: Season 4 Episode 6

Suits: Season 4 Episode 6 

Suits definitely delivered the best episode of the season so far with their 50th episode. The Gillis/ SEC/ Wexler? cases (I still don’t know what’s going on with these) took a back seat and we actually got to focus on most of our main characters. There were also far fewer filler scenes and these all combined to deliver a great episode.

We immediately find out in this episode (via flashback) that Rachel was the one who instigated the affair with the then-married Logan. When Logan, admittedly rather half-heartedly, attempts to prevent his infidelity, Rachel says to the married man “you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to have this conversation”. This statement highlights Rachel’s hypocrisy as we find her stomping her way to Logan’s apartment in the opening scene of the episode. She’s ostensibly there to tell him to get lost and that their almost-kiss can “never happen again” but we all know the deal. It is therefore no surprise at all when she’s sucking face with Logan in a steamy scene a mere two minutes later. Rachel then panics and runs out of his apartment before things can escalate even further.

Rachel spends the remainder of the episode agonizing over whether she should tell Mike or not and Donna, forever the voice of reason, counsels her against telling him. Not to support infidelity, but we all know that Mike has the maturity and understanding of a 12-year old boy so unless Rachel is sure she wants to end her relationship, I tend to agree with Donna. Rachel however, decides to “find the courage” and trust her relationship with Mike enough to tell him. I’m sure this will all end well…. Either way, this is the most interesting that Rachel has been in the four seasons of Suits so I’m looking forward to how this plays out.

In boring takeover and SEC news, Jessica orders Harvey to end the negotiations and dealings once and for all as the inability to do so is just creating more suspicion with the SEC. Harvey meets with Mike in order to do just that but Mike (of course) refuses, stating that he’ll only settle if he gains full control of Gillis industries. Harvey, tired of Mike and Logan’s nonsense, decides to go directly to Charles Forstman (Eric Roberts) and make the deal directly with the man in charge. Cartoon villain Forstman, who has a long-standing feud with Harvey, tells him to go and screw himself as he’s very recently purchased the Wexler shares offloaded by Louis.

Yes, I still don’t really know what’s going on with this case but I gather Louis sold the shares under Jessica’s orders after she got tired of waiting for Harvey to get his act together. This wouldn’t be a Suits episode without somebody dumping on Louis so Harvey unfairly goes off on him (yet again) for doing the job he’s paid to do. Louis cleverly uses his anger towards Harvey to convince Forstman to transfer the shares back to him and instead of the expected vitriol from Harvey, he earns his respect. However, Louis finds out that Forstman wants him to transfer the sales through some back channels in order to avoid paying tax, an act Louis is bound by law to report. Louis decides not to report it, as he doesn’t want to disappoint Harvey. Again, I’m sure that this act will come back to bite him in the ass.

The maneuverings from Louis somehow leads to Forstman selling his interest in the Gillis takeover back to Logan and he then goes on to reveal Mike’s shady dealings behind his boss Sidwell’s back. Sidwell fires Mike and I’m pretty sure that this will be permanent as we got the sadly poignant music as Mike packed up his things. Hopefully this means that the show will find a better way to integrate Mike’s life with Harvey’s and we’ll FINALLY be rid of this never-ending takeover storyline. I will be sad to see Mike’s assistant Amy go though as she was the only bright spot of his investment banker tenure.

Some random thoughts I had while watching the episode:

I like how Jeff can stand up for himself with Jessica. However, they still need more screen time.

Louis is going to snap one of these days

Harvey needs a new love interest a.s.a.p.

Anyway, it was nice to see Suits back on form and next week’s episode looks to continue this. Hopefully we’re getting ever closer to the end of the takeover plot. Fingers crossed….


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