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2015 Oscar Red Carpet

2015 Oscar Red Carpet 

Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a long one. I’ll just indicate those are thought were faves or horrible. For a full run down of all the red carpet arrivals, please visit @taynementdotcom timeline.

Best dressed nom for me.
Same all Reese. Still cute.
Really didn’t like the choker thing.
Man, I didn’t like the color on Lupita Nyong’o and the whole look was just not working for me. Nominee for Worst Dressed.
I think the color was off for me. I kept thinking of the dress in green. Emma Stone.
Simple black dress with a statement necklace but she is Cate Blanchett.
Pretty enough. It’s Jennifer Aniston and it’s not black.
Keira Knightley doesn’t care what you think. She has that pregnancy glow people speak of.
Lady Gaga is back y’all! I love this look. yes it wouldn’t be Gaga without the rubber gloves. Best dressed nominee.
Rosamund Pike finally decided to go normal and did it right.
I am beginning to see the powers of yellow on the red carpet. Cute for J Hud
Someone call for a Knightress in shining armour? Laura Dern is here for ya.
The gorgeous Margot Robbie. Best dressed nominee.
She did great in all the other award shows and flunked at the Oscars. Sorry, Felicity Jones. Worst dressed nominee.
just terrible, Nicole Kidman. Worstest dressed. not just a nominee.
Mama O
Octavia Spencer’s look isn’t working for me.
Gwyneth sure likes her pink, huh? Remember her Shakespeare in Love, look?
oy vet. Oh no, Solange! Worst dressed nominee.
I think Kerry Washington could have gone a little more modern.
Rita Ora
Hmm…I like the bottom of the dress. Don’t think I like it overall. And that necklace wasn’t necessary.
Ava DuVernay. Pretty color.
Chrissy Teigen. I like this look plenty. best dressed nominee.
I wish Zendaya would dress her age.
Jamie Chung
Pretty America Ferrera
Lorelai Linklater really seems unhappy. It’s showing in her fashion choices. Worst dressed nominee.
Dakota Johnson. Cute in red.
Zoe Saldana looks great. Babies gave her some curves. Best dressed nominee.
I like this look on Naomi Watts because it’s different from her usual.
Gina Rodriguez almost got it but it’s just not all the way there. It’s backless which kinda elevates it but it’s still not quite there.
Marion Cotillard – front
Marion Cotillard – back
I absolutely loved Kelly Osbourne’s dress. Best dressed nominee.


pictures from Yahoo and Hollywood Life

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