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My 30 Day TV Challenge List

My 30 Day TV Challenge List 

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In these uncertain times where the timeline isn’t even a sacred place anymore as it is filled with doom and gloom and more idiocy by the second, it was nice to come across this fun nugget for a change. Figured I would do it and share with you guys and you can do it also and share with your friends. I hate when people cheat and put more than one answer but in some of these questions, I will find myself listing more than one. So, I apologize in advance. Here we go.

A show that should have never been canceled – Rome

A show that you wish more people were watching – Before last year, it would have hands down been Rectify. Currently, I think it’s either Shameless or Good Behavior

Your favorite new show (aired this TV season) – Insecure and This is Us (one drama, one comedy yea? :D)

Your favorite show ever – Friends

A show you hate – Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Favorite episode of your favorite TV show – the finale (I got off the plane *sniff) and the episode where monica and chandler got engaged (sorry! close third is the thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt in season 8)

Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show – all the episodes with Marcel the monkey

A show everyone should watch – The Wire

Best scene ever – Gus Fring’s death on Breaking Bad. I mean the guy walked away from an explosion then fixed his bowtie before disintegrating

A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving – Stranger Things and House of Cards

A show that disappointed you – Queen Sugar

An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times – any episode of Friends or Sex and the City

Favorite childhood show – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Favorite Male Character – Jack from This is Us

Favorite Female Character – Joan from Mad Men

Your guilty pleasure show – Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (and all my reality shows). Although to be fair, I don’t feel any guilt about any show I watch.

Favorite mini series – OJ: Made in America, People vs. OJ and Fargo season 1 (cheating I know)

Favorite title sequence – Game of Thrones

Best T.V show cast  – Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite kiss – Honestly can’t think of one

Favorite ship – Archie and Betty from Riverdale

Favorite series finale – Six Feet Under

Most annoying character – Hannah from Girls

Best quote – “What’s happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness” – Don Draper (not necessarily best but what I remember)

A show you plan on watching (old or new) – Person of Interest

OMG WTF?! Season finale  – The Good Place

Best Pilot episode – Newsroom

Current TV show obsession – I’m currently not binging anything *gasp* so I have none

Saddest character death – Will on The Good Wife (close second Opie from Sons of Anarchy)

Whew. I am just going to walk away from this list and not look back because if I do I will probably have many changes. When you have so many shows logged in your memory bank, they don’t rise to the top when you need them to. I’d love to hear your answers. Feel free to comment or tweet them at me @taynementdotcom





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1 Comment

  1. OriginalMgbeke

    I’m currently binging girlfriend’s guide to divorce. I also loved the finale of 6 feet under. Thats another show you put me on to and I really liked it.

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