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Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 2

Braxton Family Values: Season 4 Episode 2 

Trina’s tears about her sisters’ fight last week really hurt my soul…Can they get it together?!! Sheesh!

So this episode starts off where Trina meets with Towanda to discuss her breakdown last week. Towanda feels like no one cares about her feelings. She is tired of dealing with Tamar’s diva ways. Trina drops another bomb – Traci supposedly got into an altercation with Tamar’s assistant. They decide the sisters need some good ole sister therapy.

Dr. Sherry their therapist meets with the girls to discuss the craziness going down. She tries to get to the root of Towanda’s explosion. When she asks the group to own up to the parts they played in letting things get so bad, Tamar expresses she did nothing wrong – are we surprised? She wants apologies for people ruining her birthday event…LOL Meanwhile Traci refuses to join her sisters in the car for a group fitness event. The situation with Tamar’s assistant was still pissing her off and the dude was in the car. Again, Tamar feels like she has the right to be more upset than Traci because the production team asked her assistant not to join the group. Too much drama mehn!

Big sister, Toni steps in to get her to calm down but Tamar continues to pop off at the mouth. ONCE AGAIN, she decides to leave. Claiming that her sisters never side with her  – boo freaking hoo! Next level on the tantrum scale, she starts to cry. She tells Dr. Sherry, Traci was going to jump her and her assistant grabbed her to stop the fight. The sisters remain calm except for Tamar. Traci starts to share her version of the story which was, after Towanda’s massive meltdown, Traci goes to check on her. While she was walking to see Towanda, Tamar said, “Go get your gurl.” Traci asked Tamar what she meant by that, and while she was talking, Tamar’s assistant enters the equation by grabbing her and preventing her from getting close to Tamar. Since these events were not shown, we can’t tell who is lying. All I wonder is why is one sister fighting with everyone?

Tamar maintains that Traci has a history of lunging at her and was going to do it before her assistant stopped it. My question is why is Tamar always involved in any mess within the sisters? I am exhausted. Tamar yells and yells during the session…twas a hot mess! Best part is that she leaves!

Big sister Toni is super stressed by everything. Dr. Sherry guides her through some breathing exercises to calm her down. The sisters continue without the diva. Poor Trina had hernia surgery so she sits out the physical activities. The remaining sisters work together on their trust building exercises. Can I quickly talk about Toni’s booty in dem pants that she wore…Ooo wee! Anyway, Toni has a hard time trusting her sisters during the exercise, but she ends up letting go.

Dr. Sherry picks Towanda to climb a pole with her sisters’ support and leap off when she feels she can trust her sisters to catch her. Without much contemplation, she leaps. See trust right there!

Tamar rejoins her sisters for the last session with Dr. Sherry – what do you know, THE DRAMA CAME BACK!!! She has a hard time dealing with the fact that the sisters are acting like nothing happened. Her clown looking makeup in the confessional scene did not help her case either. Dr. Sherry asks if she thinks her feelings will be different if she stayed with her sisters seeing that they all bonded and relaxed after she left. She maintains that the sisters isolate her from the group. She has the nerve to leave AGAIN!

How much worse will things get before they start to get better?

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