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My current guilty pleasure – The People’s Couch

My current guilty pleasure – The People’s Couch 

The People’s Couch is yet another pseudo-reality show from Bravo. The premise is basically watching people watch tv. See just that and you just assume it is boring. At least that is what I thought when I first heard it and decided it was a flub (or maybe subconsciously I was just jealous people were getting paid to just watch tv) but I should never doubt the powers that be at Bravo. This show is HILARIOUS! The commentary and reactions from the participants are hilarious and just makes me laugh. They have a consistent number of families/people that watch together and the producers pick the shows (they vary from week to week) they have to watch each week (usually current stuff, so make sure you are up to date on your tv so you don’t get spoilers). We watch them eat/snack and watch ( I wonder if they give them a food budget) Let me go through the different people with you.

The three older ladies who are friends

These ladies kill me especially because they are much older. The lady to the right is the funniest of them all because she just says what she wants. For example, they were watching Catfish and one of the ladies goes “What is this? This isn’t about fishing?” or when they were watching the Billboard awards and Pitbull was announced they all 3 go “pitbull? like the dog? Pitbull?” When Kendall Jenner comes on, one of them ask “Who is this? What does she do?” another responds “We’re old, we don’t know any of these people” When Lordes comes on one asks “Is this madonna’s daughter?” Oh and one more, they were watching Iyanla:Fix my Life and it was about a 600lb woman and thats when the lady to the left who just got whipped cream asked “I wonder how many calories are in this” while scraping the bowl. loool

This family is so cute. They always watch from the bed all bundled up with blankets and neck pillows. The sons are normal teenagers with smart mouths and usually jokingly mock their parents.

The roomates. The true tv watcher and commenter is the one to the left. The one on the right is always on her phone. As the picture above shows you can see her phone.

The Best Friends and the snarky ones. Their commentary is hilarious.

The gays. They just might be my favorite. I love their over the top commentary and reactions. When they were watching John Legend at the Billboard awards the middle one (my favorite) just kept swooning and wondering how they could break up John and Chrissy.

The Black family. They are cute. The mom is the most outspoken and the dad is funny.

The dryest of the families. They are more the emotional ones and their dad is more of a fixture as the girls do more of the talking

So that’s the summary of all the families who watch and give commentary. I know I am not conveying in writing how I feel about the show but you can give it a shot and see if you like it. Although on one hand, I think you’d have to be an avid tv watcher to kinda get a sense of their reactions because knowing what’s going on in the show helps. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter because they don’t always watch all the shows and its all about their reactions and commentary.



*some pics from dailybeast

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  1. ScottNevins

    taynementdotcom ain’t no shame in that game! Thanks for loving on our show!

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