Fan Friday: K-Drama- Heirs

You should watch K-dramas. You should especially watch all K-dramas featuring Lee Min Ho. Also, when you want to begin your K-drama journey, start with “Boys over flowers”. Now that we’ve gotten that over with; Lets talk about Heirs. Heirs is a K-drama based on the lives of the rich and poor in Korea and their love lives.

The lead actor Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is an illegitimate son from one of the richest families in South Korea, he meets and falls in love with a poor girl who is the daughter of his mother’s mute housekeeper, Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye) and then shit gets real.


Here is why you should watch this and every other K-drama out there:


– It all ends in one season, all of them. You watch 30 episodes and that’s it. In fact, this particular drama has only about 20 episodes. You don’t have to wait for season two or anything like that.

-You will find Asian men attractive after this, if not all, at least Lee Min-Ho

-This is a good way to pick up a couple sentences and words in another language

– Aren’t you tired of seeing just white and black people on tv?

– You can find them on hulu and Netflix and drama fever.

– Also, they have the best soundtracks:


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