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A Breath of Fresh Air. . .
The Tia and Tamera show on Style Network is such a breath of fresh air for me. In a society where reality shows (for the most part) are negative and/or ratchet, this show actually brings a smile to my face. And it’s not the ‘you’re ridiculous’ smile, but a hopeful smile. Kind of reminds me of the shows I watched growing up: The Cosby Show, Full House, Saved by The Bell, A Different World etc. You watch these shows and you know everything’s going to be all right. Don’t get me wrong, I do watch those ratchet shows – pure enjoyment – but this show provides a positive message, and I like that.

A while back, Taynement had asked the question, which actor/actresses would you like to hang out with? and my response would have to be these two. They seem like so much fun!

Submitted by Ayo in Chicago, IL

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