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Fan Friday Rules Explained
Fan Friday

Fan Friday Rules Explained 

Hi Guys!

Some of you might have been following the new segment I started called Fan Fridays. So far, most of the writeups I have received have been for TV Shows, so a lot of people think it should be just TV shows but it isn’t. Here’s a little guideline or better explanation of the Fan Friday writeups.

It is basically an outlet to gush about someone/something you are a huge fan of. It could be a book, movie, tv show, actor, singer, album, concert etc, ANYTHING… as long as it is pop culture related. If you aren’t sure if it qualifies, you can always check with me first. I would love to hear from you guys and have a bunch of entries that I could put up on Fridays. I know it might be asking much from your busy schedule but it doesn’t have to be long or anything, the main thing is that it conveys your fandom/excitement.

If you are interested in doing a write up, please feel free to email me at If you are unsure about a topic and have any questions, you can email me or tweet me your question at @taynementdotcom.  Part of my goal is for it to serve as a recommendation platform, that might expose people to a body of work they might otherwise not have considered. I am pretty excited. Feel free to go through the previous posts that have been up and hopefully you find something new to try! Please share with any and everyone and I really hope to hear back from you guys!

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