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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 8

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 8 

Episode began with Adriane and Mimi not nose to nose this time, having drinks and talking like civil members of society. Yet again Mimi is feeling some type of way and expressed  that she felt Ariane wasn’t taking her side and was straddling the fence when it came to her and Krazy Michelle. Mimi asks her what she feels  about her and Nico’s relationship. She says that he’s a nice guy but she feels he’s not for her. He’s unauthentic. She does say, she’s happy if Mimi is happy. Then romantic music plays (Ravaughn – Best Friends) as we see Shay straddled and rubbing on Scrappy giving him a massage. She admits to us that she knows its more of a friends with benefits situation and she knows its wrong but sometimes it feels right cuz he knows how to put a smile on her face. They have pillow talk and she asks Scrappy if he missed her, he said he missed the friendship. She asks if them having sex messed up their friendship and they both agree. They attempt to have an innuendo filled convo with the words “deep” and “sausage” thrown around. He slaps her thigh and says ok let’s be friends as they share a chuckle.

Joseline and Stevie are doing some type of shoot and we see her half naked and ass out as Stevie calls her his “assterpiece” (that was clever lol). Stevie tentatively broaches the subject of what happened with Prison Babe (Che Mack for those of you just tuning in). She says she will apologize and admits that she was wrong but where she was raised she was taught to grab what she wants before it is taken away from you. She tells Stevie better focus on her and she doesn’t want any shenanigans from him “lemme find out jou soo-maching (smashing) her”. I have to say seeing Stevie a bit scared of Joseline, I loved it. Ariane forever the peacemaker, goes to talk to Krazy and asks if she thinks she owes Mimi an apology. K tells Ariane that bringing Mimi to her show was not right that it was her night and K goes off. K is unapologetic and says she should have popped her and her opinion was said and Mimi shouldn’t have come. She said the flower bopping was like a “bitch wake up slap”. Krazy says she can’t be her friend anymore. She ends by thanking Ariane for coming to the show. Tracy and Erica get together to have a play date and they talk about being single moms. Traci explains to Erica how she wanted the store to work so that Drew would be here to be around for their kid. Erica talks about her breakup and how she is trying to be friends and be at peace with Scrappy so they can co parent together.Shay comes up and Erica calls her a popcorn ho and Traci suggests having a sitdown. I don’t understand everyone’s need to always have a sit down. Some people just need to be ignored and move on.

Rasheeda is doing a photoshoot and decides she is going on with her career, baby and her life whether or not Kirk approves. Kirk walks in and was really just being a douche of the highest order. No other explanation. He is not happy with the shoot and thinks it is way over budget and it is not what they talked about especially since it comes out of their business account. He continues to say that “if I say wait, you wait”. Rasheeda asks how long she is supposed to wait until she’s a whale? and Kirk says that’s something she chose to do. Rasheeda says, “Ok, cuz I got pregnant by myself?” and the douchebag goes on to say he has doubts about the paternity of the baby. Rasheeda thinks he is playing and he says he is not joking. Kirk says at the end of the day “that right there” would need a blood test and “What are rappers known for?” he says that she is at the stage where she can get rid of it. I can’t believe what I am hearing and I am so disgusted by Kirk. It is one thing to be unhappy about the situation and it is another to just be a dick about it. Stevie and Joseline get together and PB comes in as j calls her a Brace Faced Bitch who was looking so gaunt. PB asks why he can’t work with her? Joseline explains that she doesn’t mind she just doesn’t want him to mess with her. Everything seems squashed and then shady PB felt the need to mention the tv Stevie got her a while back. Joseline is upset that Stevie is playing “Sexy Santa Claus”. Kudos to Joseline, she kept her cool and just walked away as Stevie bobbed her head saying . Reverend Priestess Calista who I am sure answered a VH1 casting call for a psychic is on screen reading the future and says that someone from the past is in Mimi’s life and it is a foolish decision and is over. Mimi asks about K and priestess says that she doesn’t care for her and acts friendly. Erica laughs throughout the whole session.

Alaska (who is also on Newlyweds on Bravo) comes up and meets with Krazy because he is her a&r rep. A celebrity strategist is also present. They try to ask K about her image and how it is usually negative and K says she doesn’t care and is okay with people thinking she is crazy and a firecracker. Alaska tells her she may not care but she wants people to care about her music. She says they do that’s why she sells out shows. Umm, one bottle of whatever she is having which is probably a bottle of delusion. K breaks down and says she doesn’t want to let her fans down or have her image affect her music and says the people she associates with in Atlanta are the right people and she will work on it. Shay and Traci are together and Shay tells Traci about Erica and Scrappy breakup and how they hung out. You know it is true when they say that it is easier to give advise when its not you cuz she gives Shay good advice to move on and not let him use her because he will never put a ring on her. Shay says thinking about the situation she is tired of it and she needs to find a way to move on. Joseline steps out the car, titties first and she goes to her friend Dawn to vent. She complains about prison babe and how (for the umpteenth time) she is done with Stevie and she is going to let his bitchass be with that bitchass and they can do bitchass things together. She will find her way and they can meet her at the top.

Mimi and Nikko (looking very unaesthetically pleasing to the eye) are together and she tells him about her photoshoot for her business – a tshirt line called “Maid”. Nikko says that’s why I chose you, cuz I know you’re smart *screech* *raise eyebrow* he says he has been coaching her. Umm. I guess she does have a time. Mimi blows smoke in her confessional about the things he is saying.and doesn’t even address him and instead asks for a foot massage to be completed. Shay and Scrappy are in her apartment and she tells Scrappy to come to the kitchen cuz “she made some fruit” and Scrappy corrects her and says no she cooked the fruit. Sigh. I should let it go. Shay decides to now be upset about Scrappy using her as a revolving door. She gets mad all over again even though I could have sworn they squashed this at the studio when she said she just wanted Scrappy to be happy. She tells him he is mad at him for using the friend card on her. She gets mad that Scrappy didn’t give her a heads up before proposing because “they were just f***ing 6 days before he proposed”. Scrappy does have a point  that he has apologized a million times and it feels like he is on a “ring around a rosey”. Shay tells him to go back to Erica and they don’t need to be friends. Before he leaves, Shay calls him a piece of shit. To which Scrappy asks why she would let a piece of shit into her vagina? oops. he tried it. He also asks her, how she got her house and she says, “The Lord. God himself” and Scrappy says “God used me to bless you”. As Scrappy pours a liquid beverage on her window, he leaves us with parting words saying “You can’t fiznayee while you’re friends, cuz the diznayee drive her craynayee” We leave the unhappy couple with Shay in her closet crying.

Joseline and Stevie meet up and Joseline tells Stevie that he is not going to play her and she doesn’t need him and she will shoot the video for herself. Stevie starts clapping and says is she done? That she needed to finish her project before he gets another and he says he has another. He calls her a prostitute yet again and she says the bitchass in him is coming out. He says she is fake. Her ass, her titties and her mouth. He tears up her contracts and says “I don’t know where Joseline is going, but wherever she goes just know that I got you for the next 6 years. Come to daddy” and he says this with arms outstretched.

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