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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 8

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 8 


Karlie and Karlena are in the party bus and on their way to the girls trip in New Orleans. They stop by to pick up Rasheeda and she says she hopes it will be a good time for Kirk and her mom to bond a little. Rasheeda brings up the fight between Karlie and Benzino’s new girl and Karlie gets all turnt talking about she’d rather have Joc’s kielbasa sausage than Benzino’s Vienna sausage. Then she proceeds to show Rasheeda and Karlena a side by side picture of Joc and Benzino’s penises, which is like huh? Who does that? Ariane and Erica are catching up since Erica misses her friend. Erica talks about her love life and admits that there are red flags specifically financially. She gives an example how in the beginning he broke his leg so that was an excuse but when he healed up he wasn’t offering anything and she is tired of giving him her card. Ariane plays devil’s advocate and asks Erica what she thinks since when she was with Scrappy he had money but was cheating and now O’shay has no money. She reveals that Scrappy could use some help in the bedroom but with O’shay she probably is dickmatized but she is trying to hang in there and see where it goes.

We get an exaggerated, ridiculous intro to Stevie making a bubble bath. He gets into it and smokes a cigar as he calls out for Joseline to make up for what she found. Joseline asks if she is supposed to just take off her clothes and act like everything is okay. Stevie spits some mad lyrics and Joseline claps and says sarcastically that that’s sweet but all that is out the window when she sees racy pics on his phone. Stevie tells us “deny deny deny, till you charm the panties off”. He continues to apologize and says he wants to get back to the big wedding then proceeds to blow bubbles. Joselyn, not surprisingly caves and says this is her husband who acts like an idiot most of the time but she loves him and he needs to get his shit together. Nicko and Mimi are having yet another useless conversation because she is bothered by their anniversary party and how comfortable he was about the tape. She also brings up Althea and of course…Stevie’s name. She asks if Nicko had slept with her since they’ve been together. He says absolutely not but she made an advance on him. She goes what? And you never mentioned to me? Nicko says that nothing happened so it wasn’t a big deal and she needs to learn to relax because there will be other women around him…screech.halt. ceasefire. Checking for who? Nicko? Umm ok.

We’re back with the girls in New Orleans while Rasheeda hopes everything is good at home. Flash to Kirk and her mom calls Kirk as he is feeding the baby and admitting that he needs Rasheeda around. His mother in law offers to come by and he says he sees it as an opportunity to prove he is trying to change. Stevie visits Benzino and he says that Karlie photoshopped his penis to make it smaller and she puts it up against Joc to make him look bad (riiiiight). He says he doesn’t care about Karlie but he was concerned about Althea’s behavior. Stevie asks for Ciroc and it’s the second time Ciroc is mentioned on this show, I am now convinced they sponsor the show. Kirk thanks his mother in law for the help but she is not having it and is rude to him. She tries to kiss him and Kirk tells her to stop. As he keeps talking, it slips out that he had a DNA test done and she picks up on it and calls him stupid. For some reason, Erica and Scrappy are meeting up and he is telling her about Bambi’s pregnancy and miscarriage. Erica asks him how he got someone he’s not in love with, pregnant and sorry Scrappy says it was the effect of seeing her with someone else. Erica tells Scrappy that to be real, her relationship with O’Shea makes her realize and appreciate certain things in their relationship that she probably never showed. She opens up to him about her fears about her current relationship. They seem to have hit a good place in their relationship which is good to see.

Mimi and Nicko are on. We hear menacing music in the background and Mimi tells him she was sorting the laundry and sees a shirt of his with lipstick on it. Nicko doesn’t even break a sweat and says he has a great explanation and gives some lame story about a strip club. He turns it around and says she has trust issues. She asks him to move out. As he walks out, she asks him if he leaked the tape. Once again, he says he didn’t. Rasheeda gets a call from her mom and she tells her about the DNA test. Erica tells us that she and her bf had a terrible fight because of her meet up with Scrappy and he packed his stuff and left. And in the most punk move ever, he calls her to come help him because he has run out of gas and is stranded on the road. Erica still ran to his rescue and they begin argue in the middle of the street. She flashes the cash for the gas and believe it or not this man grabs it and yells “give it to me!” (What??! Has he no shame?) Erica fights back and says “Get off me!” and drives away. I honestly can’t believe what I just watched. Geeez.

Joselyn and Stevie are in an art gallery and he tells her that he has a song ready for her. She tells him that if he gets it right, he might get what he has been begging for, for a few months (a threesome). The girls in New Orleans are having a good time at the club or a masquerade party. One or the other. She tells us Kirk has been blowing up her phone but she wasn’t having it, she just wanted to be free and worry free for one night. She has a nice night and as they walk back to their hotel, Kirk steps out of the shadows where he has been lurking and says, “Hello Rasheeda”. Kirk explains his move that he had planned to make things right when she came home but he knows that she is pissed about the DNA test so he plans on apologizing to her for everything and to make things right. Kalenna and Karlie weren’t sure what to do..remember they are still in the middle of the street…they decide to leave and Rasheeda and Kirk continue this discussion in the middle of the street. Kirk says he apologizes and he wants his friend back and he wants them to get back to where they were as Rasheeda breaks down in tears. Kirk tells her he loves her and they are married and he doesn’t want her to go another day without her knowing that. Rasheeda’s tears were hard to watch. Kirk gives her an (upgraded) ring and wears his back and says he wants them to be back together. Rasheeda decides that she feels that he is sincere and she loves him but she feels like she needs to know but she doesn’t. She walks back to her hotel room alone and so ends this episode.

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  1. mpb

    “Kirk steps out of the shadows where he has been lurking…” For some reason, I find that description heeeeelariyous! Also dumbfounded at what you said O’shay did….disgrace.

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