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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 13

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 13 

We pick up with Tammy still popping off on Kalenna with Tammy calling her broke. Rasheeda goes to talk about Tammy and Tammy tells Rasheeda that she knew Kalenna was a snake when she called Tammy and was talking bad about Rasheeda. Kalenna says she is waiting for Rasheeda to come back to her and she never did and to her she has picked sides.

Emani is at the party and Bambi is feeling some type of way because she realizes these three will always be a family and she wants her own family. She is feeling a bit resentful but decides to sort this out later as it’s Emani’s day. Steve and Mimi are taking a walk and he says he has to tell Mimi that he is moving back to California. Mimi quickly brings up their daughter and they move on to Tiffany Fox and “taking her to the top”

Sina everly always salty is still blaming KD for her breakup with Joc and goes to meet Karlie Redd at her store. Karlie doesn’t know who she is and she is wondering why she is here. Sina tells her she probably doesn’t know the whole story and fills her in. Sina calls her Kray-Dee and Karlie corrects her that she is Ms. Piggy. Remembering everything gets Karlie all mad again and she says she doesn’t like her. Sina says they have to do something about that and she needs to take KD down a peg or two to remind her that she wins the war.

Kirk and Rasheeda are listening to her new record and Kalenna walks in. Rasheeda mentions what Tammy said to Kalenna and Kalenna turns it around and says Rasheeda is the only one who knew about her financial situation and for Miss Deb and Tammy to talk about it she must have told. They get into it and Rasheeda tells her she should never have talked about her. Kalenna starts to cry and Rasheeda asks her what she is getting emotional for, she says she is mad because she wants to punch Rasheeda in the face and she can’t deal with this bs anymore. Rasheeda tells her to leave then and Kalenna does just that.

Stevie is meeting with someone called Daze to run a magazine. Scrappy comes in and Stevie tells him that he has a plan to get Margeaux in the photo shoot. His partner will get her into the magazine and won’t mention Steve has a part in it as his revenge plan. I think Tammy is trying to get back on the show because she is sitting with Bambi and calling Kalenna the “ugly member” of Diddy’s group. Bambi tells Tammy how she felt left out at Emani’s birthday party and even though Scrappy gave her a key to the house it doesn’t feel enough. She says she does a video with a guy and this guy has been encouraging and done more than Scrappy has done for her. The guy is having a viewing party and she says she is sneaking out to it and invites Tammy. Tammy tells her she has to do what she has to because sometimes guys get too comfortable and you have to show them what’s up.

Karlie Redd, Joseline and Kalenna meet up for a pedicure and Kalenna tells them about the fight. Joseline asks why they are talking about Rasheeda and tells them that they are moving to LA. They start talking about kids and Karlie reveals that she is dating Lyfe Jennings “a real artist with real money”. Kalenna says it’s almost like you have to date a man with kids these days. Karlie tells them about her revenge plan for Sina and the other two decide to sit it out.

Tony and Kalenna are discussing the fight – again! Tony says he didn’t think she and Deb would work and Kalenna flipped that out and says Rasheeda is not her friend. She tears up again saying she feels like the world is against her. I think this poor lady is suffering from postpartum depression and her husband mentions it that she needs to see someone about it. Tony comforts her. We see Margeaux in a photo shoot excited about being in the cover. She brought someone she was comfortable with and brings Nicko just as Stevie walks in. Margeaux realizes that there’s some game being played, she says she is not going to take part in this and they should argue with each other. Considering Margeaux tells us she had a business meeting why does she suddenly ask Stevie how much she is getting paid that the agreed amount was $10,000. Stevie says he isn’t paying that amount of money.

Karlie walks in with her boyfriend to the launch of her “label” to get revenge on her ex’s current girlfriend. A grown woman in her 40’s, aight. Karlie says she wants Joc and Sina to get back today – why would anyone wish Joc on anyone. KD walks in, tits first, sashaying in and hears it’s for Karlie Redd. She realizes what is going on and decides to stay instead of walking out. Sina starts to provoke her and KD got turnt and they start yelling. For the owner of a record label, Karlie doesn’t seem worried about how she looks. KD already took of her shoes and Karlie decides she needs to put a stop to it. KD throws dollar bills at Sina as security steps in.

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